Osteoporosis Reversal. Learn the steps that Mira Calton took.

  I am proud to share my story with you! I’ll be honest - my journey back to health was a lot of work, and a lot of sacrifice.  But, having reversed my advanced osteoporosis I can now live the life that I was really meant to live.  I have traveled to over 135 countries, on all 7 continents studying diet and nutrition alongside my husband, Dr. Jayson Calton.  That certainly would not have been possible had we not spent years working to reverse my condition.  Now, we get to help others by sharing … [Read more...]

The Problem with Prescription Drugs

  According to a 2010 report by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, one-half of Americans take at least one prescription medication. One out of every five children and nine out of every ten adults age sixty and over take at least one prescription drug. In fact, almost 40 percent of older Americans take five or more prescription drugs per month. With such a large percentage of the population taking prescription medications, it is extremely important that we discuss what effect they … [Read more...]

Use the Universal Mirror to Magnetize More Money, Success and Happiness

  “How do I increase my manifesting power?” “How can I manifest everything now?” “How do I speed up my manifestations?” These are the top 3 questions I get asked about manifesting and the Law of Attraction. The first thing you have to do to begin magnetizing your desires to you is raise your vibration. The Universe responds to your vibration, and you recognize whatever you are a vibrational match for. What that means is this… If you are in a lower vibrational state (negativity, fear, … [Read more...]

“How To Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Absolutely Anything…Almost Overnight!”

Cut Through The Fluff and Follow These Precise, Empirical Steps On How To Use the Law of Attraction To Manifest Your Dream Life. Hi, my name is Rishan and I’ve made a video on how to manifest anything, step-by-step, using the Law of Attraction that I’d like to send you. Enter your email below for free instant access: I’ve been passionate about (some may say obsessed by) empowering myself to create whatever I want, whenever I want, as quickly as possible for well over a decade now. Thankfully that … [Read more...]

How to Create Original Ideas That Serve You

  Aha! You just came up with an incredible idea! You jump in head first. Your excitement catapulted you into action. But did you stop and think about what it might cost you? Or, Aha! You just came up with an idea, but right away you throw on the brakes. You go straight into risk aversion before you ever had the chance to let your idea incubate and grow to its full potential. Have you ever experienced one of these scenarios? It’s quite common. Most people have. So how do you balance the … [Read more...]