Awaken Through MindfulnessAwaken Through Mindfulness

Imagine being able to achieve a state of inner-peace and unconditional well-being–no matter the outer circumstances or conditions that surround you–on command, anywhere, at any time.

Sound too good to be true?  Keep reading.

After mastering the techniques of Eckhart Tolle, Buddhism, Lester Levinson, and more, Rishan was stumped.  He could achieve that state of inner-peace and unconditional well-being through mindfulness and meditation… but it seemed he couldn’t remain in that mindset in his everyday waking life, and he certainly couldn’t access it on command.

If you’re like Rishan, you’ve probably dove deep into the trainings of mindfulness in an attempt to achieve that state of inner-peace and unconditional well-being consistently… And you probably haven’t found the solution yet.

Then Rishan stumbled upon research gold–the research of Dr. Norman Farb at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Farb had discovered 2 new, distinctly separate brain circuits within the human brain… One of which, if exercised and trained properly through mindfulness, would help a person achieve on-command inner-peace and well-being, anytime, anywhere… No matter the outward circumstances or conditions.

Rishan devoted himself to fully researching and immersing himself in Dr. Farb’s research, as well as several subsequent studies that were conducted as recently as 2011.  

Using this objective scientific research in combination with the best techniques of mindfulness, meditation, and emotional release… Rishan has created a no-fail system to help you achieve an instantly accessible state of inner peace and well-being, by activating this unique and powerful brain circuit.

The Awaken Through Mindfulness program helps you achieve 2 things:

  • Experience a profound and powerful sense of “Awakening”.  Instantly achieve a state of inner-peace and unconditional well-being while going through the program.  
  • Lay down the foundation, and strengthen your ability to instantly access your state of “Awakening” in your everyday, walking life… Nearly effortlessly, in 8-12 weeks.

This is a revolutionary breakthrough!

Most people are able to achieve that mindset of inner-peace and unconditional well-being while going through a meditation, in the quiet and comfort of their home… But very few know how to access that mindset wherever they are, on command, no matter what distractions abound around them.

The Awaken Through Mindfulness program is a systematic, scientifically created program that gives you the power to sink into that higher state of well-being, anytime, anywhere… And on the fastest timeline possible.  

Learning how to get to that place of inner-peace and unconditional well-being could take a lifetime of meditation practice, research, and dedication…

Unless you have the practical, useable, step-by-step plan that Rishan has personally tested, tweaked, and perfected over and over again to achieve his highest results.

Are you ready to achieve your most deeply satisfying and peaceful state of mind, at anytime, in any place?  Invest in yourself right now.  Purchase this revolutionary and powerful program today.


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What does the Awaken Through Mindfulness program include?

  • The recording of Rishan's breakthrough workshop, Awkaken Through Mindfulness
  • BONUS 1: Text transcription of the mindfulness skills, training exercises, and experiences taught in the workshop so that you can have easy access to them when practicing.
  • BONUS 2: A copy of "The Awakening Interview", where Ryan Parenti interviewed Rishan on Awaken Through Mindfulness. This interview provides valuable additional perspective on Awaken Through Mindfulness so that you can deepen your understanding of the process and speed up your personal mastery.
  • SUPER BONUS 3: Full transcriptions of the "Awaken Through Mindfulness Workshop" and "The Awakening Interview", giving you the flexibility to study it all in a format that best suites you.

Purchase the Awaken Through Mindfulness System to Access and Achieve…

  • Your first experience of this inner sense of peace and well-being… The first time you will experience an "Awakening"
  • Learn exactly HOW and WHY this specific form of Mindfulness training leads to "Awakening", so you can understand exactly how you're doing it, and why.
  • Guidance through a series of exercises that are designed to build 3 your essential skills of Mindfulness:
  • Defusion
  • Expansion
  • Engagement
  • Enable you to practice these skills in a concentrated manner so that you learn faster and more effectively
  • You'll be guided to a profound state of "Awakening Through Mindfulness" over and over… giving you first hand experience of exactly what it feels like and how it can dramatically increase your quality of life.
  • Rishan discusses his journeys and experience in detail so that you can learn from it and save some time along the way.
  • Lay out of a 12 week training program that you can copy and paste, to deepen these skills and develop flexibility to enter this "Awakened" state on command, whenever and wherever you want, in your everyday waking life.

You could spend a lifetime gaining the skills of Awakening on command, through meditation, research, and testing… Or you can accelerate the process with this step-by-step, practical, and scientific-based program.  The best part? It's ONLY $27.

$27 is probably less than you spend on coffee in a week… Yet "Awakening" can enrich and improve your experiences for a lifetime, without the jitters!  This is literally the fastest and most effective path to inner peace and unconditional well-being.

And, this comes with a full 6 month money-back guarantee.  That means that if you buy the course, try it out, and for whatever reason under the sun decide you don't like it, simply email All Too Simple and we'll refund you the entire cost… AND let you keep the program and bonuses for free.


guarantee-seal_01 60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

If your unhappy with your purchase, just let us know within the 60 day period of purchase.



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