Case Study: 12 Weeks to Awakening

Dec 03, 2013
:We get by with a little help from our friends.

:We get by with a little help from our friends.


How long did it take for sea creatures to begin to walk on land? Do you think the first brave fish knocked it out of the park on its first-at-bat? Did it just stand up on its fins and walk to the bigger pond across the street?

Definitely not. It took millions of years for our fishy relatives to move onto land, grow legs, and use them. 

Imagine the trial and error! The error isn’t too much fun is it?

What if there was a way to cut out some of the error in your personal development and speed up the learning process? Would you take advantage of it?


Case Study

Ben was halfway through our Awaken through Mindfulness program. He was making leaps and bounds in his practice and was reporting a deepening sense of ease and peace.

Then he got tripped up. The time needed to record and edit his own meditation audios was discouraging him. He was finding it difficult to get motivated. Furthermore, the whole process was taking more time than he had anticipated.

It was at this point that he decided to try out our guided meditation pack: 12 Weeks to Awakening.

Initially Ben was a little hesitant about the price of our program. However, after some thought, he realized that the investment was relatively small to save the time of recording and editing his own meditations. Plus, with the 12 Weeks to Awakening, there’s the guarantee that the recordings will be done perfectly. Ah, sweet relief.

Ben also shared that, “I fully tracked with what you were saying and sharing as it made sense with what I knew which is why I pulled the trigger. I’m happy with my choice.”

After Ben committed to our program, he told us that he enjoyed doing his practice in the morning as the relaxation and focus tended to carry out through the day. It helped him to achieve a deep calmness.

We also asked Ben what he liked most about our product.  “The main feature I like most is the simple plan laid out with you coaching me along the way. I think that is huge.”

He also shared, “The peace and productivity in my life is going to new levels. I’m excited for the compounded effect of consistency of developing my skills in awareness.”

Later, Ben told us that after seven days of practice, he could definitely feel a change. He told us that he has been observing his thoughts and directing them in a positive manner.

Ben made a conscious decision to find space for peace in is life. With a little help from his friends, he found it.

If you’re interested in cutting out some of the trial and error in your personal development like Ben, then visit our 12 weeks to awakening page at


Leave a comment below and share how you’ve cut out some of the trial and error in your learning process.




  1. Silvano Ramirez says:

    A very good read. Thanks

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    Thanks for the info. Will check it out..

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  4. nuch sinname says:

    How do i confront of all rediculous assertion through my middle age life ? I don’t want to ask any questions either some of sicked mind self person used paraniod the world.I have had surviving from many things situations but getting away from those behide my back.Wish and blessed to handed back all my value and rich files, please. I can not saying much of these phrases.

    All my comment through this mail.

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Nuch, these are great questions. To give you the best answer, tell me a bit about your personal development practice. Meditation? Exercise? Love? Spirituality?

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