Energy Healing

Have you ever thought that the scope of healing is larger than Western medicine? For countless centuries, peoples all over the world have realized that illnesses are not rooted in the affected area, but are caused by spiritual imbalances. Energy Healing is the practice of addressing these imbalances without the use of Western medicine.

Energy Healing can yield immediate and dramatic results. Modern research has proven through double blind tests that this method of treatment is more than just “in your head”. There are many different schools of thought to Energy Healing. Some of these approaches include: Biofield Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Contact Healing, Distant Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and Qigong.

To help you learn more about Energy Healing, we suggest these articles to encourage and support your journey.

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New on Energy Healing

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The At-Home Test for Vitality of Breath

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The Source for Spiritual Freedom from Pain

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Inner Imagery: The Answer to Spiritual Relief (Part II)

  We’re picking up where our last article left off. Our goal is to provide ourselves with relief- “ourselves” with relief. Not through prescriptions, not through distractions, no smoke, no mirrors- just plain ol’ good fashioned self-healing. We’re using inner imagery. It’s safe, fun, and effective…and free. If you missed our last article, visit it now as it is something of a prerequisite to working with this information.   Preparation Get the list of what ails you and how, … [Read more...]

Inner Imagery: The Answer to Spiritual Relief

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