Goal Setting

Goals are, by nature, a personal thing. We set them to improve our situation and relationships. By setting a goal, we are showing that we see the need for a positive change in our life and are committing to making that change. However, there can be many challenges along the way. We cannot overcome these challenges and realize our goals if we’re not prepared.

Setting and achieving your goals is a science and an art. It requires specificity, planning, quantifying, belief, and sweat. Understanding effective Goal Setting is a simple process that, with some effort, can lead you to realize the full potential that is your true self.

In order to help you learn more about Goal Setting, we suggest reading this series of articles to support you and your efforts.

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Great Goal Setting (2/5): How to Stay Motivated with Your Goal in a Way That Makes Sense

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Great Goal Setting (5/5): Be Aware of Goal Setting Pitfalls and How to Save Yourself from Disappointment

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