It’s the one thing under the sun everyone wants- happiness. Why is there so much want for it? It’s not in short supply; there’s no limited amount. Then there must be something that’s blocking us from it. And if that’s the case, who or what is blocking us from our happiness?

That’s a great starting point for anyone on a journey to self-actualization. There are many preconceived notions of what happiness is and how to get it. However, finding your personal truth about you and your happiness is the only way it will ever be realized. Fortunately, there have been some really great minds who have given us a few clues to aid us in our quest.

To help aid you in your quest, we suggest reading these three articles to give yourself some insight in to finding what you’re looking for.

Happiness (1/3): What to Understand and How to Take Control

Happiness (2/3): Where to Invest Your Dollars in Happiness

Happiness (3/3): Why We Get Bored and What To Do About It

New on Happiness

6 Traps that Ensnare Your Power of Presence

  “Gotcha!” says the Trapper of the great Alaskan Frontier as he approaches his handmade trap. It’s a simple and genius device that Trappers have been using for hundreds of years without one improvement or alternation- it’s sheer perfection. The hungry animal takes the bait and the trap is sprung. The animal is robbed of its life energy, so that its remaining physical resources may be put to some other use. This whole animal/Trapper/trap thing seems pretty far away from your lifestyle, … [Read more...]

4 Areas Where Justifying Your Actions Is a Complete Waste of Time

  As if figuring out our ultimate life’s purpose wasn’t difficult enough, we have somebody breathing down our neck judging every move we make. It’s enough to quit, kill, or go crazy. And we see a lot this, don’t we? When aligned with what we want, we know what we have to do, but we don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, and we don’t want to hear others complaining about it. Why don’t they understand? We don’t know why they don’t understand, but we think if we explain it to them … [Read more...]

4 Types of Relationships That Will Destroy Your Happiness

  We are our relationships. Our connection to ourselves and to others shape the reality of this existence. But we’re not always satisfied with these relationships, are we? When we work on the relationship with ourselves, we have complete control. We choose what direction to move forward in and we start taking the necessary steps to get there. The only challenges we face are motivation, skills, and determination. But what about when you add another person to the mix? Two different … [Read more...]

How to Let Your Best, Creative Ideas Naturally Surface in Conversation

  You have good ideas, but they’re not coming out. It’s hurting your personal and professional relationships. You have so much to offer. You have a unique perspective and opinion that has the potential to serve you and your loved ones in a very special and real way. But it’s not happening. You know the idea, but you don’t know why it’s not coming out. It’s such a short distance from the brain to the mouth. What’s going on here? Take a moment to think of all the good ideas you’ve … [Read more...]

The Present Moment: How to Turn Your Struggle Into Enlightenment

  Why don’t we have the happiness that we want? The motivation is there. The opportunity is there. Where is it going wrong? This is the answer everybody wants to know… ...Only...the thing is...we’re asking the wrong question. Knowing that we don’t have the happiness that we deserve is the beginning, but what’s the next step?   Most of Us Most of us don’t know what that next step is. We add another layer of confusion on top of the tangled event. We’re like the curious dog … [Read more...]