It’s the one thing under the sun everyone wants- happiness. Why is there so much want for it? It’s not in short supply; there’s no limited amount. Then there must be something that’s blocking us from it. And if that’s the case, who or what is blocking us from our happiness?

That’s a great starting point for anyone on a journey to self-actualization. There are many preconceived notions of what happiness is and how to get it. However, finding your personal truth about you and your happiness is the only way it will ever be realized. Fortunately, there have been some really great minds who have given us a few clues to aid us in our quest.

To help aid you in your quest, we suggest reading these three articles to give yourself some insight in to finding what you’re looking for.

Happiness (1/3): What to Understand and How to Take Control

Happiness (2/3): Where to Invest Your Dollars in Happiness

Happiness (3/3): Why We Get Bored and What To Do About It

New on Happiness

The Technique to Give You 24hrs of Freedom from Your Past

  Have you ever seen a child cling desperately to a favorite toy or blanket? It is their sanctuary. There’s something they need inside of this soft and warm beloved item. It’s comforting to them, and if they could just take it with them to the first day of school, maybe…just maybe everything will be OK. However, there comes a time when this child must part with that which they hold so dearly. But why? It becomes an obstruction. It is an obstruction to learning, movement, and … [Read more...]

How To Excite Your Portable Energy System (Part 3)

  You’re almost there. You almost have the knowledge you need to command your portable energy system. But before we continue, ask yourself… Does my portable energy system actually need “commanding”? I mean…weren’t you doing “pretty okay” without this knowledge of Prana, Nadis, and Chakras? What can this knowledge actually do for you? This knowledge brings you to Balance. When Balance is realized, an ancient and true energy awakens. This energy serves us in connecting to our … [Read more...]

The Hardline: How to Create Free, Fluid, and Flexible Relationships (Part 2)

  If you’re serious about reaching the full potential of your familial, romantic, and professional relationships, you’ll create clear and communicable boundaries. And don’t hold your breath waiting on the other party to be the initiator- it’s not going to happen. Most of us have only a few, flimsy boundaries at best. It’s an underdeveloped 21st century human skill. And now this skill is more important than ever. 21st century technology has exponentially grown the number of people we have … [Read more...]

The Hardline: How to Create Free, Fluid, and Flexible Relationships

  Where do you draw the line? Most of us don’t- there is no line. There’s no clear divide between what we will and won’t “put up with”. Sure, there are moments where the answer is obvious for us. Him: Can I borrow your car for six month? You: No. Her: Can I have one of those paperclips? You: Yes. But what about all the in-betweens? How do you know when someone is taking advantage of you? Do you know what to do when they are? If so, how do you communicate this and is your style of … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Show People the Best You

  You have a good heart and the best intentions. But why doesn’t it always shine through? You want to share the best You with the people you love, but it always comes out distorted. You don’t know why this happens, but you know what happens. The people you want to share with and support are let down. You couldn’t quite give them what they “needed” in that moment. It creates a vicious cycle of guilt and depression. They’re sad because you couldn’t help them. You’re sad because you … [Read more...]