It’s the one thing under the sun everyone wants- happiness. Why is there so much want for it? It’s not in short supply; there’s no limited amount. Then there must be something that’s blocking us from it. And if that’s the case, who or what is blocking us from our happiness?

That’s a great starting point for anyone on a journey to self-actualization. There are many preconceived notions of what happiness is and how to get it. However, finding your personal truth about you and your happiness is the only way it will ever be realized. Fortunately, there have been some really great minds who have given us a few clues to aid us in our quest.

To help aid you in your quest, we suggest reading these three articles to give yourself some insight in to finding what you’re looking for.

Happiness (1/3): What to Understand and How to Take Control

Happiness (2/3): Where to Invest Your Dollars in Happiness

Happiness (3/3): Why We Get Bored and What To Do About It

New on Happiness

Spiritual Constipation: 7 Steps to Relieve Your Rage

Not allowing yourself to experience your emotions can cause irreparable damage to your personal intelligence and relationships with others. It creates spiritual constipation. Spirituality, in its truest form, is Connection. Connecting to the self, to the experience, and to other bodies of consciousness. When you don’t allow yourself to experience your emotions, you don’t allow yourself to be spiritual. So maybe you’re not trying to be “spiritual”. Maybe you don’t think this is important. If this is you, … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Guilt-Free Happiness

  There is a way to free up more Happiness in your life. This implies that some of it is trapped, or imprisoned. Does this feel right? Do you feel like something is keeping your Happiness away from you? If so, then what could that be? It’s something that has an incredible amount of power with unlimited possibilities. It’s you. You are the guard, lock, and key to your Happiness- release it!   The Sentence What imprisoned your Happiness in the first place? Do you know … [Read more...]

The New Model for Happiness- TAKE IT: Part II

  In our last article, we figured out why seeing Happiness through success is an outdated and broken model. Why? Because it puts you in a constant cycle of seeking. What’s better than “seeking”? Answer: Acquiring. So here’s the question, “What kind of model will help me to ACQUIRE Happiness?” It’s really not that complicated. The genius is in its simplicity. The model that is going to serve you best is the one that shapes your observation and interpretation of this world with … [Read more...]

The New Model for Happiness- TAKE It

  If you want Happiness, you have to TAKE it. A different feel than your usual Dalai Lama sort of approach, isn’t it? Well…it’s because most of us aren’t the Dalai Lama. We live in a different world than most of the Queens and Kings of Peace that we all respect so much. And in this world…the squeeze in a quick exercise, the “got to catch up on my sleep”, the eat when you have the time world…you have to TAKE your Happiness. Why? Because nobody will give it to you. So what can … [Read more...]

How to Use Spontaneity to Save Your Sanity

  When African mammals travel during their migrations, water can be something of a rarity. Animals will fight and kill to gain advantage of just about any watering hole. But not EVERY watering hole. Do you know which ones go left untouched? The ones that are poisoned from stagnation. These animals, just like their ancestors before them, know that each year they’re gambling with their lives to reach greener pastures. They also know that they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell if … [Read more...]