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Manifestation: Strengthen Your Relationship with the Field

  In this world is a Field. It’s a field that cannot be seen, only felt. It is of the most responsive composition in this universe. Every day you, and everyone you know, interact with it. It plays off of your every move and thought. They echo through the Field, reverberating your actions to the furthest unknown territories. One might think of it as an echo. If so, then it is an echo of the soul. Acknowledged or not, you have a relationship with this Field. You may be familiars or … [Read more...]

Manifestation: The “Don’t Do It” Approach

  In the world of talking about manifestation, everyone is telling you what to “do”. Do this visualization. Do this meditation. Do this affirmation. What about what not to "do"? Cut the fat and realize your manifestations quicker and easier. Ready?   Don’t Think Thinking isn’t going to get you what you want. Instead, try this. You are presented with an opportunity and you react to- simple as that. You’d be surprised how much “not thinking” can bring you closer to the … [Read more...]

Manifestation Meditation: A Free Guide to Extraordinary Real World Results

  … [Read more...]

Manifestation Meditation: A Free Guide to Synchronize and Boost Your Mental Powers

Manifestation Meditation Synchronizes Various Regions of Your Brain, Instantly Boosting Your Mental Powers We've created a completely original manifestation meditation that we'd love to send you. We developed this meditation after years of trial and error. We figured out exactly how to combine all the technology available to effectively boost your mental clarity and focus. This meditation synchronizes the various regions of your brain, giving you heightened access to your "other" … [Read more...]