There’s nothing better than knowing and feeling the beauty and truth of the present moment. It heals us and gives us great clarity and insight. Meditation is one avenue we can take to present ourselves with this truly blissful experience.

Meditation can offer immediate and life-long results. The more one invests in their mediation, the deeper and richer the experience becomes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to shave your head and move to the mountains. Meditation can be personalized to suit your schedule and lifestyle. Through willingness and intention, you can bring good health, peace, wisdom, and unity to your life.

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The Shockingly Simple Technique to Immediately Raise Your Vibrational Level

  There’s nothing worse than working with all your might towards a goal in life only to find it’s not what you wished it would be. For many people, this sad and embarrassing truth is only revealed after years of investment- for some, a lifetime. There’s no reset button. No, “let me try that again”. The time is lost and it’s not coming back. When confronted with moments like these, the best of us will put on our shiniest smile and use what was learned to move forward. For others, it’s a … [Read more...]

Lift Your Tired Face with Third Chakra Fire

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The Selfish Meditation and Why You Want It

  Trees are the most selfish beings on the planet. Just think about it… There they are- planted and consuming resources. They eat up the sun. They eat up the water. They eat up the space. Who do these trees think they are? What gives them the right to behave this way? What kind of design would allow for such a still and protruding existence on this planet? Answer: The absolute BEST design you could ever hope to be a part of.   Be More Like Trees Don’t turn into an angry … [Read more...]

How to Spend and Save Your Chakra Dollars

  You’ve already made your choices. You ate _____. You slept _____. You feel _____. How are you currently feeling? Ideal? Less than ideal? Is there anything you can do to maximize the amount of energy you currently have?   Maximizing Your Limited Amount of Energy In your body, lay seven chakra centers. These seven centers are responsible for creating, balancing, and housing the different flavors of energy that make you operational in this world…and the next. How you … [Read more...]