Oct 27, 2013

Tiger Woods has several coaches. Several years ago, Arnold Palmer reinvigorated his game with the help of a coach (half his age, incidentally). I have people I rely on for coaching. The combined annual incomes generated by my Individual Accelerating Coaching members exceeds 15-million dollars, yet they all need and value coaching. And I enjoy the coach role, and have found these programs to be very valuable for all participants.

Individual Acceleration Coaching

personal coachingThis is our highest level coaching program for members who want to speed up their results, manifest really big goals or manifest a goal for which they have a minefield of limiting beliefs. This program is personally facilitated by the master of  results based manifesting – Rishan B. In this  exclusive, 1 on 1 setting you get Rishan working directly on your goal, your limiting beliefs and your manifestation plan.

Entry to this program is limited and by application only. All applications are reviewed and members are hand-picked by Rishan.

Individual Acceleration Coaching – Structure

Minimum period of commitment required is 3 months. This is set to provide a reasonable time frame to master all  aspects to manifesting a truly life changing goal.

Coaching calls occur once per week.

Individual Acceleration Coaching – Pricing

$1000 per month for a minimum of 3 months;


$2500 if paid in full upfront for a 3 month package.

Individual Acceleration Coaching – Application

To apply for the program, fill out the form linked to below and you will be contacted by a member of our staff.

Application Form