2 Modes of Exhalation to Immediately Cleanse Your Noxious Mood

Apr 04, 2016

Find your equilibrium today!


How do you manage the “left overs” of your daily frustrations and confrontations?

If you’re like most people, you don’t.

Instead, you “suck it up”, tense the muscles, smile, and carry on.

We’ve all become quite good at this, some of us are even experts.

For those of us who don’t immediately address the power of our thoughts and emotions during the day-to-day, suffer real physical consequences.

You’ve seen these consequences. You recognize them in yourself.

The face has morphed and become slightly deformed by forcing a smile through anger. The joints have become stiff and rigid due to unguided tension. The blood flow and subtle energy system of the body are dammed because of resistance to what is.

A few more years of this and you’ll really be sorry you didn’t learn how to manage your “noxious mood” sooner.

So what can we do?

What can we do to quickly, easily, and discreetly expel our internal energies that become toxic and harm us?

Answer: We set them free.


Set Them Free

Ducks are the masters of setting their tension free.

They fly, swoop, and swim to find the perfect place to rest, feed, and mate. Sometimes other ducks have the same goals and ambitions and are willing to compete for dominance.

And do they fight to the death?

No, they quack and peck until some understanding of who’s in charge has been made clear.

And their reservoir of dangerous flight or fight chemicals?

They leave the confrontation and flap their wings until they have expelled their excess energy and reach a sustainable equilibrium.

After a few, quick up and down of the wings, life is perfect again. They are the feathered Buddha.

They have an ancient programming that tells them that the chemicals, which are surging through their body, need to be expelled. So they do it.

They do it because ducks are on a much leaner life diet than us. They literally cannot afford to endure the toxicity of these chemicals. Their survival depends on their ability to recognize and execute what is best for their physical situation.

In this way, we want to emulate the duck. We want to flap our wings until we feel peaceful again.

Only…we don’t have wings. So what can we do to immediately restore our ideal version of balance?

Answer: Breathe.



But not just any kind of breath.

We’re talking about two very specific flavors of breath.

One is for those of you who feel like you’re ready to breathe fire when you get upset. The other is for those of you who wish you could freeze everything just for a moment of clarity.

These 2 modes of breath can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. That’s the beauty of it.

If this article read something like, “Whenever you get frustrated at work, just drop your briefcase and do 20 jumping jacks”, then you would be drawing much unwanted attention to yourself. You can easily imagine why this is not an ideal solution.

Instead, our method is discreet.

We want you to use these modes of breath as soon as you can following the frustrating/angersome/annoying/irritating/troublesome event, and we want to be discreet to create a seamless experience for ourselves and the people who we are sharing space with.

Ready to learn what they are and how to perform them?


Dragon’s Breath

Use this breath when you’re brimming.

It’s the perfect breath to perform when you feel like you’re ready to explode.

It goes just like this…

  1. Open your eyes wide,
  2. Lift eyebrows,
  3. Show teeth,
  4. Stick out tongue,
  5. Wrinkle nose,
  6. And exhale through mouth.


The sound of this breath is auditory, but just to you.  It has force behind it as you are contracting your abs, but because of the tension in face and throat, it has a high, airy quality to it. A community member described it as a “silent yell”.

Dragon’s Breath only takes one exhalation to feel the effects. However, you may perform it several times in a row to reach your desired effect.


Winter’s Wind

If Dragon’s Breath is chocolate, Winter’s Wind is vanilla.

Both delicious in their right, but also rich in very different ways.

It goes just like this…

  1. Relax the face,
  2. Relax the brow,
  3. Relax the top of head,
  4. Soften the eyes,
  5. Gently press the lips together to make a small “O”,
  6. And exhale through mouth.


The air that comes during your exhalation is slow, soft, and smooth. It’s like in the movies where the caring mother gently blows on her son’s scraped knee after a bicycle accident.

It should be noted that while Dragon’s Breath and Winter’s Wind are different avenues to the same goal, the experiences are very different.

Experiment with both and allow for them to be different.


In Conclusion

These two modes of exhalation have the potential to be some of the best tools in your tool box for managing daily frustrations and confrontations.


If you have any questions about this article, please ask by leaving a comment below. Also, we would love to start a conversation here. Tell us…what is your best tool for dealing with frustration?


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