Balance Your Chakras (2/5): An Introduction to Your Chakras’ Health

Nov 05, 2013
By evaluating the health of your Chakras, you will learn where to give your attention so that you may realize perfect health.

By evaluating the health of your Chakras, you will learn where to give your attention so that you may realize perfect health.


This is part 2 of a 5 part series:

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Have you ever seen one of those TV specials about the guys who do that insane tight-rope walking? It’s truly amazing stuff. Here you have a pretty regular guy standing hundreds of yard above the earth. He’s standing on what is effectively a rope a few inches wide, suspended between two outcrops of rock.

No safety harness or net below, wind gusting constantly, and him in nothing more than a pair of jeans and t-shirt, he has nothing to keep him from plummeting to his death belowEXCEPT his balance.



Like that guy on the tight-rope, we rely on balance to survive. Instead of tip-toeing between two mountains, we navigate a far more complicated and complex path- life. Our lives are full of challenges and pitfalls that throw us off balance constantly. This balance, or imbalance, in our lives is reflected in our Chakra System.

Starting at the base of our spine, traveling up to the crown of our head, we have seven Chakras. These energy centers all have different purposes and help keep us mentally and physically balanced.

The problem is that we are constantly under attack on all fronts- a bad break-up, a stressful time at work, or a health issue that just won’t go away. These sorts of attacks can affect the health of your Chakras.



What we need to do is learn how to balance the energy of our Chakra System. This ability to balance ourselves stems from understanding our own Chakras.

In order to understand each and every Chakra, we need to be able to look at ourselves openly and honestly. To do so, we need to use tools such as mediation and self reflection to get our minds in an appropriate space to evaluate any blockages or turbulence in our energy centers.

If we look at the first Chakra, or Root Chakra, we can begin this evaluation process.



The Root Chakra is the base and support of your Chakra System. The energy stored and expressed in our Root Chakra is responsible for our physical health, stability, and security.

When evaluating the current health of your first Chakra, consider how you feel about your current relationship with work, home, family, health, finances, nourishment, and security. Ask yourself how you truly feel about these relationships. If you’re having issues with one of these dimensions in your life, you may have an imbalanced first Chakra.

Also consider how you physically feel in the present moment. Do it right now. Take a deep breath and release. Pause for a moment.

How do you feel? Anxious? Thinking about what you have to do when you finish reading this article? Worried about tomorrow? If you feel like this now, or anytime in your day, you may have an imbalanced first Chakra. A healthy first Chakra will help you to feel grounded in the present moment.

Or how about this- can you observe some material fixation in your life? Are you a workaholic? Do you overeat? Are you resistant to change? These habits and behaviors also reflect the symptoms of an imbalanced first chakra.

Asking yourself these questions is good first step in the evaluation process. However, it is only the first step and there are other things to consider when rating the health of each chakra.

If you’re interested in more information about evaluating the health of your Chakra System, visit Healing and Manifesting Through Chakra Consciousness.


In Summary

Just like the guy walking the tight-rope who has to trust his sense of balance, we need to trust ourselves as we navigate life. By being in balance, we can trust what our mind and body is saying to us. This trust is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the things we want in life.

To achieve this balance, consider the health of your Chakra System.


Leave a comment below and share with us how you evaluate the health of your Chakras.




  1. My first chakra is very damaged. What next?

    • LogitheYogi says:

      Well the good news is- knowing is half the battle. Your acknowledgment of your first chakra’s health means that it’s already healing. Now, just give it your attention- it’s that simple. You may give it your attention during meditation, with breathing exercises, by practicing “grounding”, and techniques of your own creation. Consider reading this exercise for some “hands on” healing: Lori, so happy to help in whatever way I can. Please submit any other questions you may have.

  2. I am in the middle of an Exodus from the US coming up on 2 years now,,, Here at the
    Hostel the owners have basically adopted me ” Happy Not Working ” Happy ” I work out
    2 hours a day,,, tip top shape for a 70 year old ” Happy ” I eat fresh raw veggies and then
    meat every other day.. ” Happy ” No tyranny here in this 3rd world Country ” Happy ” I support
    a family of 4 and sometimes 5 in Ghana Africa,,, I could use more money,,, can I blame that
    on my 1st Chakra??

    • Keith, thanks for sharing. Hmmm hard to say. What do you want this money for? What will you use it on?

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