Chakra Crystals and Stones (5/5): A Beginner’s Guide to Cleansing and Balancing

Nov 07, 2013
Certain crystals and stones can have a powerful affect on your Chakras. With meditation and intention, you can realize immediate results.

Certain crystals and stones can have a powerful affect on your Chakras. With meditation and intention, you can realize immediate results.


This is part 5 of a 5 part series:

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Your Chakras and Their Colors (4/5): Understanding the Character of Each Chakra


Diamonds are Forever. Or so James Bond would have us believe. Everything from newspapers to TV adverts has told us diamonds are the best and brightest. Tiffany’s makes millions every year as hopeful young men splash the cash to buy their girlfriends every kind of diamond under the sun.

While diamonds hold a special significance in our society, there are other stones that hold a more natural, holistic place in our lives.

There are crystals from the earth that are little more useful than the diamonds we covet so much.  The best way to look at these stones is to understand their significance.


The Chakra- Crystal/Stone Connection

Throughout our body we have energy centers. These centers, or Chakras, play an important part in our overall own well-being. All seven Chakras need to be in balance. They need to be working together in harmony to keep us as healthy as possible.

Each of the seven Chakras has a special connection to the earth. Be it the Root Chakra, which anchors us and keeps us grounded. Or the Crown Chakra, which plays a massive part in our inspiration and connection to the world around us.

These seven energy centers can be used to enhance certain aspects in our lives and, when balanced, keep us running at our very best.

Each Chakra is directly linked to a certain crystal. These crystals, when used in conjunction with mediation, can be used to balance and strengthen the energy center it is connected to:

  • Root Chakra: black-brown or gray stones such as garnet, onyx or red jasper
  • Sacral Chakra: orange stones such as carnelian and orange zincite
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: yellow stones such as citrine and yellow sapphire
  • Heart Chakra:  green or pink stones such as rose quartz and green tourmaline
  • Throat Chakra: aqua, turquoise or light blue stones like turquoise and blue lace agate
  • Third Eye Chakra: indigo or dark blue stones such as lapis lazuli or sodalite
  • Crown Chakra: purple or clear/white stones such as amethyst and clear quartz


Preparing Your Crystals

Each of these stones helps to bring balance to their accompanying Chakra. However, before you can use them they need to be cleansed.

Just like we all have baggage, these stones can carry past imbalances from previous owners. We want to get rid of any negative energy inside the stones before we use them.

Simply hold the crystals under clean, flowing water. Whilst doing this, picture the negative energies being washed away. This cleansing also helps get you in the right frame of mind to balance your Chakras.

Once cleansed, the crystals need reprogramming. Hold the crystal in your hand and create the image of what you want that crystal to do for you. By doing this you are already starting the process of alignment.

The simple task of cleansing and reprogramming can put your mind at ease and allow you to be more receptive when it comes to balancing your Chakras.


Using Your Crystals

The use of the crystals is pretty simple in the end. They are basically conduits that enhance the ability to balance your Chakras. You need one crystal for each Chakra and then a tourmaline or smoky quartz to ground you after the process.

Arrange the crystals in the correct sequence next to where you will be lying. As you balance your Chakras, place each stone in the appropriate area with your grounding stone just below your feet.


In Summary

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but these Chakra stones can help you attain a far greater wealth than any diamond could.

Once you Chakras are in balance, you will not only feel better but will function more productively than ever before. Without the inner conflict holding you back, you will be able to truly achieve everything you put your mind to!


 Leave a comment below and share with us what success you’ve had with some of these stones and crystals.




  1. Oliver says:

    You did not give us enough information as to how to place each appropriate stone and where on our bodies. How long should we keep them on our bodies? How often should we do this? Can you go into more depth and detail on the subject? Thank you.

    • LogitheYogi says:

      Hi Oliver, I agree, not enough information in this article. Placement of stone: Lie on your back. Place the stones on your front body above each chakra center. Begin with the root chakra stone and finish with the crown chakra stone. Use this image as a guide to locate each of your chakras, Keep them on your body until your mind has slowed down. It’s important to reach one of the slower brain wave states so that your body is receptive to the healing process, but don’t fall asleep. Once your body has reached a relaxed state, just a few more moments with the crystals and then you are finished. You may take them off one at a time in the reverse order of how you placed them on you. One of the most important things to remember is that you should use your intuition for this process. Do what “feels” right. Oliver, so happy to answer any other questions you may have.

      • Hi Logithe Yogi,
        Yes I too love my crystals, and was going to ad to Oliver’s comment and say just what you did, all good.
        Thank you for sharing this information and education, so nice to get. Keep up the great work. :)

        • Helena, thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words. Please continue to visit us and share, share, share. What is your current relationship with your crystals? For self? Others? What is your approach?

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