How To Excite Your Portable Energy System (Part 2)

Sep 09, 2015



Did you read our last article?

If not, please do so. You want to hear “why” you need to know about Prana, Nadis, and Chakras.

And what are these things exactly?

That’s what we’re exploring in this article. We’re giving you the “101” on your portable energy system.

And why on earth would you want to know anything about these Sanskrit words?

Because it’s much, much more than words.

The words are the beginning of the unfolding of your self-knowledge.

With this knowledge, you begin to make the gentle and fluid steps towards alignment.

Alignment in your portable energy system means alignment in your body, thoughts, behavior, actions, and manifestations.

In short, you need to learn this stuff so you can use it to have the life you want.



We’re sticking with the car analogy from last time.

So we know we want to be able to change our flat tire. It’s going to save us time, money, and protect us from countless dangers.

When you’re getting the “How To Change Your Tire 101”, the first step is to introduce you to the necessary tools, why you need them, and how to use them.

What’s Prana?

Prana is life force. No need to complicate anything here.

Imagine Prana as you in your car. You have a purpose and your car is going to take you there.

Same with Prana- you have a purpose and Prana will take you there.



If Prana is you in your car, then Nadis are the highways.

It has been said that there are 72,000 Nadis in your body. It would look something like a map of all the major and minor roads in the USA. Some go this way. Some go that way.

When looking at the Nadis in your body, three of them always get the most attention. These are the three big interstates. You have “Ida” on the left, “Pingala” on the right, and “Sushmuna” in the center.

And there you are, driving your car down interstate Ida, Pingala, or Sushmuna. We’d like to see the voice in Google Maps pronounce these!

And when traffic is flowing, life is good.

You know these moments. These are the moments when everything seems to be going your way. You need a pen- POOF, there’s a pen. You’re having a rough day, POOF, a beautiful bird sings you a song.

But we’re not always having these moments, are we?



Chakras are the “toll road stations” on these highways.

Have you ever breezed through a toll road station? It was pretty great, right?

Have you ever been stuck at a toll road station for 45 minutes? Like that one time at the Lincoln Tunnel (New York, $14) where they were doing construction and I didn’t get home until 3AM!!!

Not ideal.

You, your car, and your highway must pass through these stations at some point. In our bodies, they are the seven Chakra centers.


The Connection

Prana, Nadis, and Chakras are all working together.

It’s an ancient and wonderful design to give us these portable energy systems.

It works just like this…

…By the way, there is nowhere on the internet where you can find such a clear “soup to nuts” explanation. If you have a friend who might enjoy this information, please send them the link to this article. We need as many people as possible working with this information…

  1. Prana begins at the root Chakra (at base of spine).
  2. It splits into three streams: the Sushmuna (center), Ida (left), and Pingala (right). The Sushmuna rises as a column following the spine. The Ida and Pingala zigzag like a skier down a slope, navigating, orbiting, and sling-shoting to the next Chakra center.
  3. Each stream carries a slightly unique life force up to the 6th chakra.
  4. The Ida and Pingala energies terminate at the nostrils.

The end.


The Knowledge

So what can you do with this information?

Great question.

An understanding of subtle energies and your portable energy system is only the beginning. How to affect, balance, restore, and rejuvenate these systems is the “201” class.

That’s the next article.

However, if you stop your research and journey here, that’s ok. This basic knowledge is the shaping of the snowball before you get ready to roll it down that hill.

Your existence is meant to know this information. It will find a way to open up your life to more of it…when you’re ready.


Next Time

In our next article, we’ll explore even further into the world of subtle energies and your portable energy system.

We’ll cover exactly how the Sushmuna, Ida, and Pingala are unique and how they serve you. This knowledge will give you insight into your personal physical, emotional, and manifestation health.


Like always, if you have any questions about this or any other article, please ask by leaving a comment below. Also, we would love to start a conversation here. Tell us…what knowledge can you share with our community about Prana, Nadis, and Chakras? Most of us reading this article are new to this and hungry for information- please share!


P.S. Quick reads like this are incredibly powerful and serve well to remind us, get us back on track, and to help us learn new skills. However, for those of you out there who are interested in even bigger gains towards personal freedom, removing blocks, deepening relationships, and connecting to Source, consider Coaching. It is truly the most transformative experience you will ever have. If this is you, sign up for a free Coaching Strategy Session and learn what Coaching can do for you (serious applicants only).


  1. My kundalini awakened in july this year.
    Im new to meditating and knew about chakras but nothing morre.
    this information is vital to me. Thankyou.
    please hurry with the inatallments. I dont want to stop reafing.
    i need to know more. 😉

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Tammy, so excited for you! Yes, this is wonderful information and we will get you the next installment soon. Stay tuned!

  2. Adolph Crixell says:

    Plz send me more info!

  3. Very nicely explained about nadis chakras n prana.please teach someghing about meditation n kundli.

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Sharmila, thank you so much for the kind words. You got it! Help me to write the best article for you and our community. What exactly would you like to know, or what is your area of interest here? Is there some goal you would like to achieve with working with meditation and Kundalini?

  4. Erdal Ek says:

    Thank you for that information. I always wondered why I have a good energy flow in the middle and on the left side but on the right side the Pingala I have much more difficulty to let the energy flow.
    On the left side I just have to think about it and I feel the energy flowing. But right? Forget it..

    I really would like to understand that. Maybe it is very specific to me. I read somewhere in a taoist or buddhist text that the right side symbolizes male energy…I grew up without father. I am 42 and I don`t think that I miss male energy…but maybe on a deeper level I do and I compensate it in a way. I really would like to have my body halfs equal. Maybe someone know exercises to harmonize it. I don`t want to try things on my own. maybe they make it worse and I don`t want to travel to asia 😉 Any suggestions? I am looking forward to the next information.
    Erdal, Germany

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Erdal, thank you so much for sharing. The good news is you are already beginning to bring your halves into balance. Your awareness is alone is the key to realizing this harmony. It is a difficult job to determine “why” they are out of balance. The easier (and more valuable) action is just to simply balance them. Review Part 3 of this series and see if this can give you some direction. If you are still feeling unsatisfied, message me here again, and we will discuss. Here is Part 3:

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