How to Liberate the Crippling Load of Your Heaviest Problem

May 31, 2016

How much longer can you take it?


Everybody has problems.

They help us to build character, discover what’s truly important, and to develop compassion and connection with others.

Are our problems a blessing in disguise?


And while we may be able to put on our “positive thinking caps” for a few moments and make light of whatever problems currently on our plate, there’s one problem that can’t be ignored.

…You know what it is.

It’s the led in your pockets. It’s your Achilles heel. It’s the axe waiting to fall.

Whatever your biggest problem is, you can’t support its weight any longer.

It’s crippling load…

  • Steals your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resources,
  • Hurts your performance at work and at home,
  • Suffocates new opportunities with distractions, and
  • Blocks the solution to this and other problems piling up.


Your biggest problem is ruining your quality of life. It can’t continue.

If you’re ready to completely and totally drop your biggest problem, follow this visualization and collect the peace and flow to support the momentum of your ultimate purpose.



To use this visualization, you must first identify what is the ONE problem that is to be addressed.

This is the most important step of this exercise and should be given ample thought and consideration. While many of your problems will touch different areas of your life, this problem is the one that affects ALL areas of your life.

Once you have identified the ONE problem, you are ready to begin working with this visualization. The next step is to prepare your space to be comfortable and free of distractions.

You will perform this visualization while sitting on the floor, sitting in a chair, or standing. Use whichever position you think will work best for you. Consider the use of props, such as a blanket or pillow, to support your comfort.

If you have any additional questions about preparing for this exercise, ask in the comments section below.


The How-To

Assume your sitting or standing position. Take a few breaths to acclimate to your environment.


Step 1

Think of your problem.

Because you are frequently visiting this problem in your mind, it shouldn’t take much to get the thoughts and emotions stirring. However, consider asking yourself these questions to get the ball rolling:

  • What is the problem?
  • What does it look like?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • How does it affect others?
  • What would I give to be finished with it?
  • What would life feel like in its absence?


Step 2

Once you are in the thicket of this problem, give it a symbol.

We need something to encase this problem so that we may address it. Choose a symbol that represents what this problem actually is. If you are suffering from procrastination, your symbol may be a clock or wrist watch. If you are suffering from financial concerns, it may be a sack of money with a dollar sign on it.

If you have any questions about this step, please ask in the comments section below.


Step 3

Imagine this symbol in the driver’s seat of your car.

Place it there in your mind. It has the seatbelt fastened. It has the AC turned all the way up. It’s listening to its favorite radio station.


Step 4

Imagine that you walk out to where your car is currently parked, look at the symbol through the window, and lift the entire car over your head.

It’s quite the physical feat, but you are able to do it.

When lifting, you exercise perfect lifting posture. You bend your knees, find a tight grip, and with one smooth motion, lift the entire car overhead.

Synchronize this visual with the actual lifting movement of your arms. As the car goes up in your mind, lift your arms up and overheard to give real physiology to your exercise.

Continue to hold your arms up until “Step 6”.


Step 5

Once you have lifted the car, take one step forward. Then another, and another.

You are walking down the street with your car and symbol inside of it, overhead. Each step is incredibly taxing on your feet, knees, and back. You can feel these muscles burning and joints buckling under the pressure.

Although your hands’ grip is secure and tight in the undercarriage of the car, your hands are getting filthy from the soot collected there. It’s greasy and black. There are small bits of machinery in your grip that make for an awkward connection in your hands. Holding this grip for much longer will damage the fine muscles and bones in your hands.

As you continue to walk down the street, friends and strangers alike are witnessing this act with total disbelief.

It’s almost impossible to conceive of you carrying this ½ ton vehicle over your head with some clock, or sack of money, sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat. They are completely and utterly confused. You can see it in their faces. You have not the strength nor time to explain it to them. And even if you did, what would you say?


Step 6

When you can no longer take the weight above your head, give it a gentle toss to the side for a perfect four-point landing.

Synchronize this visual with the actual dropping of your arms (you’ve been holding them up since “Step 4”). When your arms drop, feel the euphoria of relief in your upper back, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, and fingers.

As your arms relax by your sides, gently shake or wiggle your fingers, hands, and wrists to encourage relaxation and blood flow.


Step 7

When you have completed all of these steps, lie down on the floor.

Enter into an effortless stage of complete relaxation. Let the work, work for you.

In this stage, your body and mind will begin to build the connection of how to provide relief to your most taxing problem. You’re training your mind to see your problem as a liability and motivating it to automatically redirect its energy.


In Conclusion

You are in control of the body and mind.

Assume control by working closely with them. This visualization is the perfect exercise to redirect hurtful connections and give opportunity for new ones.


If you have any questions about this article, please ask by leaving a comment below. Also, we would love to start a conversation here. Tell us…What is your high profile problem?


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