Life Energy Currents: Meditation and Exercise Guide

Feb 26, 2014
energy current

Learn and master this exercise to experience what you were given- a beautiful, capable, and powerful body.


There’s more going on in your body than you’ll ever understand.

You probably have a good handle on most of it though.

You already know that you convert food into energy and spend it on cartwheels and doing the “what if” thinking game.

But guess what?

Your body is more intricate than that.

Look at your wrist watch.

You know how to put the watch on and you know how to tell the time. You understand that there are cogs and other gizmos operating together.

Do you need to understand more than that?


And why would you? It’s going to continue to operate perfectly.

But what about your body?

Is it operating perfectly? Do you feel like you’re in perfect health?

If not, then it might need a tune up. Even the best watch needs a tune up every now and then.

If you can deepen your understanding of your body, and all of its glorious ways, you can learn to:

  • Open the channels of your body
  • Experience physical and emotional healing
  • Boost your immune system
  • Invigorate your metabolism
  • Excite your creative flow


Learn to turn your body into a weapon. We hope it’s a weapon of love.

So how are we going to learn more about our body?

Experiential learning.

At, we’re convinced that’s the only kind of learning.


Your Body’s Energy Currents

You’re aware that blood travels through your veins and arteries.

Boom, an energy current.

You’re aware that food travels through your digestive system.

Boom, an energy current.

You’re aware that you express yourself through tears when you’re sad.

Boom, an energy current.

The list goes on and on.

But what about more subtle energy currents? One’s that don’t have a physical trail for us to follow? One’s that our basic senses can’t detect?

Now we’re cooking with gravy.

Maybe you have an idea of the Meridian System. You’ve heard something about chi/qi or acupuncture/acupressure, right? Remember that scene from The Karate Kid?

The Meridian System is a map of your “life energy” flowing through you.

Let’s stop there. For the sake of time, and accuracy, let’s just say that there is “life energy” flowing through you.

It’s not your blood. It’s not your breath. It’s not your tears. Trying to put it into words is like trying to name all the colors of the sunset.



Ok, if you’re still with us, all of that was easy enough to swallow.

Now what?

Let’s tune into to that “life energy” in your body’s energy currents.

Easier said than done, right? Not this time. This is easier done than said.

However, we’re going to give you some visualizations to serve as sign posts so that you may find your way to your energy currents, say hello, and see what they have to say back.

Now there are many, many energy currents in your body. For this article, we’re going to focus on two big ones. They circulate from the base of your spine to the tip-top of your spine.

One current is traveling up your front side and down your back side. The other is traveling up your back side and down your front side.

It’s beyond understanding if the currents are next to each other or where their positions are, so don’t try to understand. Just know that they’re there and experience it for yourself.


The Exercise: Prepare

Prepare your space for a meditative experience.

If you’re not experienced with meditation, consider reading this article for a few pointers: Meditation 101 (3/4): How to Prepare Yourself for Meditation.

Sit in your favorite meditative position.

Another gem: Meditation 101 (1/4): How to Get Comfortable using Props.

Now, for a truly profound experience, set an intention. Make it personal and unique to you.

Maybe it sounds something like:

I am going to use this time and space to deepen my understanding of the inner workings of my body.


I am open to the flow of the universe and I will align with its intelligence.


I am going to heal myself using universal energy.


The most powerful intentions are the ones that are at the front of your mind, ones that will point you in the direction of getting what you want.

After an intention is set, relax your body and mind. Allow yourself to soften and find a groove of deep rhythmic breathing.

When you observe that your last four breaths where just like the four before that, move on to this visualization.


The Exercise: Visualize

So we already established that the energy currents we want to focus on run in opposite directions from the bottom of your spine to the top.

The spine is our race track (a poor analogy, it’s not a race).

On your next out-breath, put your attention at the base of your spine. On the in-breath, pull your energy up the front of your body, finishing at the top of your spine.

Let’s pause. This is the meat of the exercise. “Pull your energy up. What the heck is he talking about?”

Yeah, easier done than said. You can spend the rest of your life learning about this “feeling”, about this relationship. For now, consider just focusing on your breath. However, if you feel any other sort of sensations, pay attention to them- it’s the beginning of knowing your life energy.

Ok, back to the breathing.

You just completed an in-breath and finished it at the top of your spine.

Now, on the out-breath, let that same energy slide down the back of your body, finishing at the base of your spine. The action very much resembles the physics of a child going down a playground slide.


Pull the energy up your front side; let it slide down your back side.

Now for the other current. Remember, it’s traveling in the opposite direction.

On your next out-breath, put your attention on the base of your spine. On the in-breath, pull your energy up your back side.

Think of it as rock climbing. Your energy is “climbing” up your spine, using all the vertebrae and crevices as hand and footholds.

On the out-breath, let that energy fall from the top of your spine, down your front body, to the base of your spine.

It’s like climbing up the mountain and then jumping off the cliff. Or consider visualizing the last drop of water falling from your kitchen sink.


Pull the energy up your back side; let it fall down your front side.


The Exercise: Advanced

Soon enough you’ll be a pro at this exercise. Remember when you were a fresh babe and couldn’t walk? Look at you now!

If you’re interested in taking this exercise to the next level, feel/observe these currents at the same time.

It’s that skill of patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.

When you can learn to do this, it feels like spinning hula hoops on your wrists, in opposite directions, at the same time.

Just takes a little practice.


In Conclusion

Learn and master this exercise to experience what you were given- a beautiful, capable, and powerful body.


Leave a comment below and share with us your experience with this exercise.




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