Meet Your Chakras (1/5): An Introduction to Your Chakra System

Nov 05, 2013
You have seven Chakra centers that store and express energy in your body. A healthy flow of energy in your Chakra System will ensure good health and vitality.

You have seven Chakra centers that store and express energy in your body. A healthy flow of energy in your Chakra System will ensure good health and vitality.


This is part 1 of a 5 part series:

Balance Your Chakras (2/5): An Introduction to Your Chakras’ Health

Your Chakras’ Health (3/5): How to Identify the Health of Your Chakras

Your Chakras and Their Colors (4/5): Understanding the Character of Each Chakra

Chakra Crystals and Stones (5/5): A Beginner’s Guide to Cleansing and Balancing


Ever woken up on the “wrong side of the bed”? Felt like you just couldn’t’ kick that cold? How about an ache that just wouldn’t go away?

Yeah, sounds familiar.

We blame a whole host of things, but the true culprit goes unpunished.

Often what we are actually experiencing is an imbalance in our Chakra System.


Your Energy Centers

A Chakra is basically an energy center of your body. We have seven of them, and when they are all working in harmony, they keep us happy, healthy, and on the road to success.

Your seven Chakras each serve a unique purpose. However, they also act as one, influencing each other’s health and vitality. Together, they are responsible for our total well-being. They influence our physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual lives.

With a developed understanding of your Chakras and how they serve you, you will realize better health in all dimensions, bringing you peace and success in all that you do. Sound pretty good huh?


Evaluating Your Chakras’ Health

Learning how to evaluate the health of your Chakras is an incredibly valuable tool.

With awareness of each of your chakra’s current health, you will be able to actively participate in healing and balancing those that are acting out of alignment. You will be able to heal the ones that are weak and relax the ones that are aggressive.

When your Chakras are balanced, incredible things begin to happen.


Cue the Fireworks

One of the many exciting and incredible things that begins to happen is conscious manifestations.

A conscious manifestation is an intentional projection that materializes in the world of form.

Sometimes we manifest subconsciously. Often these manifestations are fueled by fear, guilt, thoughts, and emotions that have not met our conscious attention.

With awareness of our body and mind’s energy to project and materialize, we can become conscious of what we want to manifest and use that power in alignment with our purpose.


The Bottom Line

You are the one in control.

If you want better health and balance in your life, consider the health of your Chakras. When you learn how to evaluate each of your Chakras’ health and give them your conscious attention, you will have more control over how you feel and act.


Leave a comment below and share with us some conscious manifestations you’ve experienced in your life.




  1. About 9 months ago, I was pondering the word happiness and wondered “what if each of the letters of the word Happiness were the first letters of words that when read in sequence would have meaning, what would those words be?” What came up was “Having All Positive Possibilities Internally Nestled Entirely Soulfully Safe.”

    From that point on, I began working of a book that you can see at

    My life has changed from that original manifestation.

    This is the first time I have reviewed your blog and look forward to continue to learn more about my Chakras and all. Thank you so much for your sharing. Kim

    • Hi Kim. Wow!Love your Happiness acronym. What a mouth full! It definitely has a nice ring to it. Thank you for visiting our site. Let us know if you have any specific questions about your Chakras while you are growing your knowledge. Thanks Kim!

  2. Somebody recently asked me if it was necessary to read all five articles. The answer is “no”. You should only research and investigate as long as you are interested and entertained. This isn’t 8th grade math. You choose your agenda based on what feels right to you.


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