Spiritual Parasites: What’s the Medicine?

Jun 04, 2014

Don’t worry…


Welcome to the next exciting, and also horrifying, chapter of living with a spiritual parasite.

Is this some kind of “exercise the demons” presentation?

It is if you want it to be, but it’s intended to be an “everything is made of vibration” story, so you won’t need to call your priest…unless you want to.

If you read last week’s article, we explored the vast world of parasites and their behavior. We learned about insects that cut off tongues, tapeworms that castrate their hosts, crickets who commit suicide, and singled cell organisms that make rodents seek out cats.

It’s like Alfred Hitchcock meets David Attenborough.

Most of these events never reach our eyes and ears, so they don’t get much of our attention. Plus, who wants to think about all this yucky stuff when you still have “Dexter” to finish on Netflix?

Well, it’s time to start thinking about the world of parasites.


The presence of these physical parasites is a shadow cast by something above.

This something is a spiritual parasite.

And guess what?

It already has its hooks in you.

You want to hear the good news or the bad news?

The bad news is you’ll never be free of this parasite.

The good news is that there is a treatment that can greatly reduce or even eliminate its presence. Think of it as life after chickenpox.


How is the Ego like a Parasite?

It attaches, feeds, and reproduces.

It attaches to your perspective and interpretation of experience.

It feeds off of your energy generated by thoughts and emotions.

It reproduces more egoic patterns in yourself and in people you come in contact with.


How does the Ego do It?

It’s a simple and genius design, much like the plan of attack for the tongue eating louse. It does one thing and does it well.

Everything in existence is connected and the ego makes you feel like it isn’t.

Most of us experience this fallacy through “wanting”.

“I am not content/complete/satisfied until I am connected with X”.

What is your X? Is it money? Health? A new career?

Your life situation becomes decorated with struggle. People and events become obstacles standing in the way of what you want.

Although the ego is versed in sucking energy from all of these thoughts of “want”, it only requires one juicy one to secure its hold. It has the ability to search far and wide, but why need to when there’s an Arby’s down the street.

What’s the ego-living-in-you’s favorite restaurant?

The ego also has a refrigerator. It nukes emotional leftovers from past experiences. These leftovers are often referred to as the “pain body” (a body of pain living inside of your body).

The pain body is trapped energy from past experiences. Loaded and sensitive, the pain body is ready to turn an event into a perfect storm of negativity.  

It’s like living life with a forever twisted ankle. While you’re on your couch, everything is fine. But it’s not until you put pressure on it that the “pain” is felt. “Damn that step that twisted my ankle.”

The pain body reacts the same way. Put pressure on it and it will react. And guess who’s there waiting with their lobster bib on? The ego.


Medicine for the Spiritual Parasite

You are not the ego. You are the one that observes the ego, and by doing so, you loosen its grip.

This is a call to action- learn what your awake life is like without constant mental dialogue, without ego fuel.

Let’s give it a try.

Ready? Stop the mind words. Go!


How did it go?

If you experienced just a moment of stillness, then you know what life can be like with the ego on the sidelines.

If you can make the time and space for moments like this during your daily life, then you will know more peace.

Now, long stretches of stillness will take time and practice. However, many “small” moments of stillness are just as, if not more, valuable.

Like an athlete who trains in the gym for game day, you too can train to beef up your stillness muscles.

If you don’t already have a practice like this, consider checking these articles to find a best fit approach.

Life Energy Currents: Meditation and Exercise Guide

Reset Breathing: The Shortcut to Inner Peace

Powerful Posture: Your Posture Tells What You Believe

There are also many other avenues to stillness.

Can you think of one that you might be interested in?

If so, research it.


In Conclusion

Awareness of the ego is the medicine for the spiritual parasite.

Observe your mind.


Leave a comment below and share some of your answers to the questions in this article.




  1. May God bless you richly my brother. This a beautiful and very important article. I believe that one of the good things to weaken the ego is to do the opposite of whatever negativity it suggests, such as blessing the one who irritates you, and giving the one whom the ego wants you to deprive, and doing the things that ego asks you no to do.

    • LogitheYogi says:

      Well said Brian! I am in complete agreement. I believe this is a world of mirrors. Yes, a blessing to the one that irritates me. They will be the one to show me myself. Learning until Departure! Thanks so much for the kind words and comment Brian.

  2. Adrienne Prince says:

    What if Ego is just the byproduct of the real spiritual parasite? Naw…. probably a byproduct of Consciousness going into 3D. (WAIT! Remind me why “we” decided to do that, again???)

    • LogitheYogi says:

      LOL! Right?!! I think the ego was our best friend in caveman days. Helped us identify and judge what would keep us or alive or kills us. Now that we don’t need the ego, it has turned its sights on this “modern” world. Like an old nuclear bomb, bored and itchy with purpose, with access to it’s own “Launch Now” button. Ahhh! Cue egoic activity.

  3. vikingo says:

    I believe it ot just the same that explains Eckhart tolle, nothing new, but interesting. YOU, an ME are the WATCHERS, not the EGO, the EGO makes us beleive HE is US, but the fact is that WE are the one who watch the ego..try it..look at that tree in the middle of the square, forest or wherever..now..are you lloking at it? or….are you lettong life come thru your eyes and manifest that tree in front of you? are you real? or you just stand there an let the creation “come to life” because you observe it?you mest avoid thinking or try to see , just let your eyes go towards the tree and “feel”, not see….at this very moment …is there any thought on your mind? if you did things right should not be there….try it..peace is when your ego is dead…or frozen

    • LogitheYogi says:

      Well said! Love the question marks in there! I’m in complete agreement. Y’all make friends with vikingo 😉

  4. Great insights! I was a high school guidance counselor, and all the popular psychology is about focusing on the ego and problems, never really the solutions.

    I wish all people could observe, breathe, and focus on something positive, in a regular and consistent way for their highest good.

    This article is much appreciated, and I welcome your insights on my blog as well. Thanks so much for your gift.

    • Hi Jen, thank you for your time and kind words. I think more of us could have used a HS guidance counselor like you! How are you spending your time post- HS guidance counselor? I can see your putting a lot of time into your website. Thank you so much for focusing on Self Love. I am a huge fan of your affirmation style- the feeling the emotion rather than just repeating it. I believe this is the strongest way to realize one’s manifestations. I hope you let the whole world know about this. Let us at alltoosimple.com know what we can do to help.

  5. Ty Tenchen says:

    I once read a book titled The Power Of Now a guide to spiritual enlightenment that also talked about same thing even mentioning some of the same exercises of stillness to eliminate the egotistical thought patterns that still to this day come over me im starting to think this same message is being revealed to me by some other devine appearance and needs to be applied into my life in order to feel the life change and purpose that is meant for me

    • Ty, I’m so happy that you are familiar with the Power of Now. I think we could all use more stillness in our diet. Stillness- one of the few places the ego can’t find us. I very much encourage you to apply these messages in your life. Do you have any daily meditations or practices that encourage the NOWness of your life? Please share.

  6. I cannot still my mind nor can I meditate, is there something wrong with me? When people talk about thoughts and memory, mine seems to be working very different to others.

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Bayos, you are definitely not alone. In fact, many, many people feel exactly like you do. Don’t get caught up in some idea of “meditation, thoughts, or memory”. These are just ideas. And as you read/hear people talk about them, they are only sharing a personal and limited (because of language and vocabulary) experience. Don’t give any more attention to what others’ experiences are like. Let your experiences be completely and totally unique. Give yourself permission to have your own flavor of meditation, thoughts, and memories. This is the true beginning to every healthy and powerful meditation practice. Tell us Bayos, what are your goals with meditation?

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