3 Powerful and Proven Steps to Outwit Your Scary To-Do List

Sep 18, 2016



You have a to-do list, but the tasks aren’t getting done.

Or maybe they are, but your list seems to be growing rather than shrinking or maintaining a steady flow.

What’s happening here?

The “to-do list” can be our Savior or Executioner, which one depends entirely on you.

If you’re in a state where you feel like your to-do list is:

  • Becoming a burden
  • Making life feel more laborsome
  • Keeping you from enjoying your work and progress
  • Causing you to avoid the work you need to finish

Then it’s time to implement change.

Nothing feels better than the sense of pride that comes along with accomplishment. We all know this.

What was your last accomplishment that gave you this sense of pride?

Our to-do list is supposed to be generating more of this for us. That’s the understood arrangement, right? Put things on the to-do list, finish them, feel/see/touch the reward, right?

This reward is supposed to be enough to get us to keep working with the to-do list, to stay dedicated to each crucial step we must take to reach the goals we must have.

BUT, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your work load and constantly drained of mental, emotional, and physical energy, then you officially have a “kink in your hose”. Throwing more time, more energy, and more action at this to-do list isn’t going to fix anything if you don’t change your approach.

Are you ready for a new approach?

Then it’s time to work with these 3 steps so that you may maximize your potential, both in happiness AND accomplishment.

This is how you do it…


Step 1: Pause and Regroup

Momentum is a must.

In order to start slashing items off the list, you need to build up energy, speed, motivation, and flow. This is what a highly productive person knows and lives by. But what’s the difference between a happy, highly productive person and an unhappy, highly productive person?

Answer: The quality of time invested.

Every thought, move, and decision you make is an investment.

It is an investment of the highest kind. You invest your time and energy, two of the most fundamental and valuable resources of our entire existence. You never get these things back- they’re gone forever.

Don’t you want to make sure that you enjoy this investment?

Of course you do, and that’s why you need to make sure that while you’re building up your momentum, you pause and regroup to make sure you are performing from a place of peace.

Peace is the difference between enjoying your to-do list and hating it.

Peace is also what gives you longevity. Sure you can muscle through this month’s big project, making all the necessary moves, but what about next month’s? And the month after? What about the big project 10 years from now?

Ask yourself this, “How will my quality of time invested today affect the amount of energy that I have in the future?” It may not seem of great importance today, but it is. Just look at your friends and colleagues who have been “in the game” longer than you. Do they looked burned out? Is this how you want to look and feel?

So while momentum is crucial in addressing your to-do list, you must break up this momentum with little pauses here and there so that you may regroup.

This might be a difficult practice for you to incorporate, or remember, while you’re in the throes of your work day. If so, try this…

  1. Set an alarm or timer to go off every 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. When the alarm goes off, put your work down for 60 seconds. Then, after a quick pause, back to work.

You may also want to incorporate some of your favorite (or soon to be your favorite) quick meditations, physical exercises, encouraging words, and/or mantras.

Visit these resources for more ideas and practices on these subjects…

The Shockingly Simple Technique to Immediately Raise Your Vibrational Level

Lift Your Tired Face with Third Chakra Fire

How to Ground Yourself on the Fly


Your Next Step

Take an hour or so to research and experiment with quick meditations, physical exercises, encouraging words, and/or mantras. Build a portfolio of these techniques to use during your “pause and regroup” moments.

Also, go ahead and set up that alarm or timer to go off every 30 minutes to 1 hour TODAY to be ready for TOMORROW.


Food for Thought

What’s the one thing on your list that’s been nagging at you? What’s the first step you need to take to get the ball rolling?

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us by leaving a comment below. This creates an enormous amount of value for our community members who are developing just like you.


Next Time

In our next article, we’ll explore Step 2 of “3 Powerful and Proven Steps to Outwit Your Scary To-Do List”. Make sure you tune in, it’s a game changer.


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