6 Traps that Ensnare Your Power of Presence (Part 2)

Sep 04, 2016

Are you trapped?


In this article, we’re giving you the next set of most common life energy traps that we humans experience in our day-to-day.

Did you familiarize yourself with the first set? If not, you’ll definitely want to do that before you continue with this article. Visit Part 1 and get comfortable with these ideas and practices before moving forward.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s look at 3 more traps that ensnare your power of Presence. Remember, there are traps everywhere that rob us of our life energy. When you can begin to identify what these traps are and how they affect your thoughts and actions, you will be able to:

  1. Avoid these traps, and/or
  2. Recognize that you are in a trap and release yourself.



Fear is perhaps the most clever trap of them all.

And it’s not actually the fear that’s the trap. Fear is an integral part of this human experience and can provide us with a great amount of intelligence. Fear is not bad.

What’s the bait in this trap?

Answer: The illusion of safety.

Fear lives in the future. We anticipate some event and all of the ways in which it can go wrong. While engaged in this unhelpful stream of thought, we waste an incredible amount of energy and simultaneously weakening our confidence and immune system.

The natural reaction is to provide ourselves with some relief, so we invent a series of imagined outcomes. With enough time, we’ll have a huge pile of imagined fears next to a huge pile of imagined solutions.

At the end of the day, only one outcome arrived. None of the imagining that you did was 100% accurate and therefore did little to prepare you for the actual experience. In fact, you have mentally and physically prepared for an event that never happened.



Expectations of yourself, others, and situations is another trap that will rob us of our life energy.

The mind is small, narrow. It does its very best to help with the creation and execution of goals and plans, but it falls short when predicting the future.

There is absolutely no way that the mind can predict and account for every tiny detail that will make your future situation unique to all other moments in time.

We invest our life energy into carving out these expectations, waiting for them to be proven true or false, and suffering when these expectations aren’t met.

What’s the bait in this trap?

Answer: “This is how it should be”.

For better or worse, our mind has decided that X is what “should” happen, and therefore will. When that event doesn’t happen, or doesn’t happen the way we had planned, we suffer.

You are encouraged to avoid expectations and instead, focus on what you can do TODAY to move closer to your goals.



The ego survives on separation.

It’s truly amazing how easy it is for the mind to separate our sense of self from others and situations. The most common way in which we suffer this ignorance is by naming someone or something “good” or “bad”.

The mind and body are heavily taxed when weighing the difference between “good” and “bad”. This judgment eats up our time and energy. Not only does this process distract us from observing and acting on rewarding opportunities, but it also hardens our shell, sealing in the cycle of constant analytical thinking.

What’s the bait in this trap?

Answer: The desire to shape an identity.

With identity, comes separation. It is the very thing that will also separate you from your life energy.


Your Next Step

Your next step is to familiarize yourself with these 3 traps. Learn them and observe them in your day-to-day. When you recognize these traps either in your thought process or actions, couple this awareness with some physical movement to “escape”.

Aligning your processing with physical movement is one of the most powerful practices you need to exercise in order to reclaim your power of presence.

A simple foot stomp, finger snap, clap, clenched fist, etc. will do. Consider choosing something discreet as you will perform this physical movement many times a day in the mix of different companies- no need to draw attention to yourself.


Food for Thought

In Part 1 and Part 2, we introduced the 6 most common traps we human experience. Which of these traps are you currently working with? What steps have you taken (or are taking) to free yourself? Please share by leaving a comment below.


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  1. I don’t know how this email came to me, but I am blown away with these 6 steps, which are so profound for me. Just yesterday I said I will stop saying negative things, even the smallest ones chip away at my peace. Thank you so much.

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Joan, thank you so much for sharing your story with our tribe- what an inspiration! Just the awareness of these “traps” was enough to change your behavior- brilliant! You’re very welcome and thank you for your time and attention 😀

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