Great Goal Setting (1/5): Get Started Setting Goals with a Successful First Step

Feb 01, 2013

To maximize your chances of success, make your goals specific, challenging but achievable.


This is part 1 of a 5 part series:

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This series has been shaped by the work of Professor Gary Latham.  Gary is quite simply the godfather of organizational behavior and goal setting theory.  He has written and co-written just about every book there is on the subject and has worked in the field for some 40 years.


Keep It Simple

Now, we’ve all tried to set goals in the past and perhaps struggled to fully achieve them. Many theorist believe that because we live in a “pretzel shaped world” we need to apply these intricate, complicated theories to our lives. This just isn’t the case. Keep things simple!

When setting your goals there are a few key steps to be aware of.


Be Specific

Firstly, be specific! A vague goal, such as “I want to lose weight” leaves things too open. We want something to strive for, something that will give us a sense of achievement at the end. By setting a specific target to aim for, we will have an end point to focus on and this will help us stick to the goal.

Also, be careful not to make your goals too outrageous. Keep them within the realm of possibility – this keeps your belief and expectation high. Giving yourself the goal to be able to run across Texas this summer is simply too difficult.

The goals you set must be challenging but attainable. Also be aware of setting goals that are just too easy. They need to challenge us.


So Remember…

Be specific and make your goals challenging, yet attainable


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  1. Marco T says:

    Indeed every new year I prepare my new years resolution and by far none in the
    list I made has been materialized. Having thoughts about it right now as I am scribbling my remark most of the new years resolution I made was vague, thank you for this note Rishan, I will now revise each resolution I made this year and make sure that it falls from these guidelines

  2. Cleo S.W. says:

    When we consciously set inspiring goals, we are able to unravel a kind of drive that we didn’t know was there in the first place… :)

    Nice tips on goal setting! I think this is the most essential (if not the most crucial) part of the achievement of any goal. Asking myself what I really want would usually take a lot of time since that would require some more delving. However, once I realize what I truly want, and know that I have the abilities as well as the skills to get there … I get all juiced up and my persistence becomes unbelievably high! =))))

  3. Herald says:

    Thanks Rishan! I’ll make sure to be specific with my goals this time to ensure achieving them. :)

  4. I have learn a new thing, goals been challenging, when naturally we all as humans are not comfortable with challenges. but well it is good to know that we must love to handle challenges

    • You are indeed right about humans not comfortable with challenges Jacob. However it is also true that humans also love challenges to be able to fulfill their goals so that they’ll be able to give more value to it once it was achieved. :)

  5. David Simutowe says:

    For real this sets me going forward.

  6. three videos on goal setting r excellent keep it up rishanji

  7. sorry rishan all the three articles on goal setting r excellent
    keep it up

  8. Silvano Ramirez says:

    This is a good information that everybody should know. Thanks.

  9. Keeping things simple is always a rule. So I think this also includes your goals to ensure achievement. I will try to have a goal that will definitely challenge me.. Thanks!

    • LogitheYogi says:

      That’s great! Love that you’re thinking about simplicity. Yes, that coupled with a healthy challenge can serve all of us. Let us know when you reach your goal!

  10. Thanks for the tips. Its like finding the missing peace of the puzzle.

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