Great Goal Setting (2/5): How to Stay Motivated with Your Goal in a Way That Makes Sense

Feb 09, 2013
great goal setting part 2

Linking the effect of your action to your goal keeps you motivated along the way.


This is part 2 of a 5 part series:

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Today we are going to continue with our series about Great Goal Setting. Last time out we looked at setting goals that are specific, challenging and attainable. 


Stick To It

With our goals set, we can now look at how we are going to stick at them.

Sticking to our goals is one of the hardest things to do. When we first set them, we’re in the honeymoon period. At first it’s exciting and our motivation is at it’s highest, imagining the results of our goal.

However, after a while, the momentum from the excitement dies down. This is the time where we need to stay focused on what we set out to accomplish.


Acknowledge The Relationship

The best way to stay motivated is to understand the actions we are taking and how they lead to achieving our goal. This understanding will help us continue persevering, even when things get hard.

Let’s use an example of wanting to be able to run 10 miles in a month’s time. We’ve set a specific and challenging goal, especially if someone has never really run before.

Initially you would start with walking. Now, after a few days of walking,  you get bored or disheartened because your goal seems so far off. This is when you need to visual the path to your goal.

Understand what you are doing now and how it will help get you to your goal. Yes, the walking seems a long way off now, but after a week of walking a few miles, you know that you will soon mix some jogging into the routine. Soon after that walking will be a thing of the past!


The Route

The route to your goal is almost as important as setting the goal itself. Understanding the relationship between what you are doing and the outcome of that action will help you “get it”. Once you “get” that you are on the right path, you are more likely to stick to working towards your goal.

Remember, your goal is supposed to be challenging. By understanding how the things you are doing help to achieve your goal, you will be more likely to stick with it.


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  1. GirlDoc says:

    This series on goal setting is wonderful! I find them emboldening, insightful, and very easy to understand.

    It’s really quite hard to make small resolutions stick like glue let alone sticking to long term goals. There will always be distractions, interruptions, and most of the time we find other amusing things that we tend to jump into without thinking about our ultimate goal. This usually dips one’s motivation to pursue what should have been the primary goal. So, yeah, I agree to “understanding the actions we are doing and how they lead to achieving our goal”. What I usually do is to rate my actions (I even rate my gestures) at the end of the day to simply visualize the point where I already am to where I am headed, doing this helps me see actions that need a little bit more effort or see some areas where I need a little more patience. =)

    • Thanks GirlDoc! I couldn’t agree more about the difficulty in sticking to your goals especially to your long-term goals. That’s why we need to understand the actions we are taking to achieve our goals and to remember it always.

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