Release Your Limiting Beliefs (1/8): Learn to Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Dec 21, 2012
stop sabotaging your success

STOP sabotaging your success!


This is part 1 of a 8 part series:

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In this series of articles, we will look at some things that have worked in my own personal life and is something I am very passionate about – releasing your limiting beliefs.

I will be leading you through the 6 Easy Steps to Finding Your Automatic Millionaire Mind. The techniques I will be showing you will help you:


  • Avoid endless, frustrating loops of self sabotage
  • Generate ideas and take positive actions that lead to wealth with less effort
  • Create wealth that will become easier and more natural
  • Gain the knowledge and experience on how to eliminate self sabotage from ANY area of your life


Your Limiting Beliefs

The basic idea is that limiting beliefs, or self sabotage prevents us from seeing solutions when they exist all around us. They also keep us from taking action when we know what we should be doing. Sound familiar? Have you ever had this experience before…

You’re looking for your keys and you’ve looked absolutely everywhere. You retraced your steps, checked under the sofa, and even in the fridge. Suddenly, you realize they were right in front of you all along.


Self Sabotage

How does such a silly thing happen? Unconsciously you knew where they were there but your subconscious mind had not filtered that information and made it conscious for you. Why not? There was a barrier.

This barrier, or self sabotage can be something as simple as the urge to eat a piece of chocolate cake when you are on a diet, to something as complex as perfectionist behavior. It’s anything that holds you back from achieving your goals or stops you from behaving in your best interests. Often it uses your emotions against you. It is the release of these emotions that empower us to act in the ways we want and with less effort.


So Remember, Limiting Beliefs:

  • Prevent us from seeing solutions that are all around us
  • Hold us back from achieving our goals
  • Stops us from behaving in our best interests
  • Are fueled by negative emotions
  • Emotions that CAN be released and be used to empower us to act positively


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  1. hi rishab

    you are absolulty correct,i appreciate this .
    thanks and wish you happy new year.

  2. Hi Rishan this is great stuff, transforming limiting beleifs to powerful positve beliefs thank’s Rishan wishing you the best.

  3. Such really good ideas Rishan. Thank you so much!

    • Rishan says:

      Thanks Cathy for the feedback.. It would be great if you could try the exercise and we’d like to know how it goes.

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