How to Let Your Best, Creative Ideas Naturally Surface in Conversation

Jul 24, 2016

Time to show people the best you.


You have good ideas, but they’re not coming out.

It’s hurting your personal and professional relationships.

You have so much to offer. You have a unique perspective and opinion that has the potential to serve you and your loved ones in a very special and real way.

But it’s not happening.

You know the idea, but you don’t know why it’s not coming out. It’s such a short distance from the brain to the mouth. What’s going on here?

Take a moment to think of all the good ideas you’ve ever had but didn’t express.

How could things be different today if you had only spoke your Truth? What kind of opportunities would have been presented to you? How would others see you and value your presence?


The Block

Whatever the block is, it is of the mind.

The mind wants to run your idea through the “is this worthy” gauntlet before it ever sees the light of day. It looks at it from every possible angle and from every possible perspective. Most of which is of the imagination. It’s that dangerous, never ending WHAT IF GAME.

So where does this leave you?

In the dust of the fleeting moment of opportunity to express your idea. Goodbye, good idea. Goodbye, connection. Goodbye, value.


And the world keeps on spinning as you are left wondering “what could have been”.


The Cure

There is a solution.

The solution is “flow”.

If only you were exercised in flow, your mind wouldn’t be given the chance to hold your good idea hostage.

So how do I get flow?

By exercising it.

How do I exercise flow?


The How To

We need to beef up your flow muscles. It’s time to hit the gym.

In the following exercise, you will create reoccurring low risk opportunities for yourself to exercise your flow. With a bit of exercise, you will be able to blow right pass the wall of analysis that the mind has created and present your idea with perfect timing and confidence.

Here’s what you do…

  1. Set an alarm to repeat once a day.
  2. When your alarm sounds, perform one act of spontaneity.

What do you mean spontaneity?

Something that is unplanned. Something that requires little to no effort. Something that gives movement to some impulse that you have.

Community members who have known success with this exercise have shared a few examples with us.

  • Sing a 5-10 second melody
  • Move the body in some random way
  • Move the hands in some random way
  • Say a random word
  • Make a funny face

Now, at first glance, you may be questioning the effectiveness of such a simple and somewhat silly exercise.

That’s good, question it. Question it so much that it encourages you to try it for one week.

If you can perform one act of spontaneity for seven consecutive days when your alarm sounds, you will see a clear shift in how you communicate with others.

Side effects of working with this exercise include: more fun, more joy, more pleasure, more laughter, more interpersonal interactions, more good ideas, and more expression.


In Conclusion

If you feel like your best, creative ideas aren’t naturally surfacing during conversation, it’s time to add flow to your diet.


If you have any questions about this article, please ask by leaving a comment below. Also, we would love to start a conversation here. Tell us…in what types of conversation are you most uncomfortable and why?


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