The Technique to Give You 24hrs of Freedom from Your Past

Jun 13, 2016

Learn freedom from your past.


Have you ever seen a child cling desperately to a favorite toy or blanket?

It is their sanctuary.

There’s something they need inside of this soft and warm beloved item. It’s comforting to them, and if they could just take it with them to the first day of school, maybe…just maybe everything will be OK.

However, there comes a time when this child must part with that which they hold so dearly.

But why?

It becomes an obstruction.

It is an obstruction to learning, movement, and play.

On the first day of school, this same blanky which held and provided solace is now a distraction.

It distracts the owner, the teacher, and the classmates.

Not only does it distract the mind and the senses, but also the connection to the present moment. This child, in effect, is attempting to bring their “old life” to their “new one”. And by doing so, they are not allowing the majesty of this new experience to influence and nurture the realization of their potential.

Heavy stuff for the first day of school, huh?

Fast forward to today…

…We’re still doing this. Only we’ve replaced the blanky with something else.

What do you think it is? What do you take with you to all of your new experiences?

Answer: Your past.


Your Past

We bring our past to all of our new experiences and rob ourselves of the learning, movement, and play that we long for.

The past coats our reactions, ideas, and behavior. It manipulates us into creating the same experiences with the same results over and over and over.

But you already know this, don’t you?

What you don’t know is how to let go of the past. You don’t know how to open to life so that life, in turn, may open up to you.

However, starting today that’s going to change. You are going to learn exactly how to separate yourself from the past and keep it at bay.




Below is an instructional on how to perform a  visualization that will show you freedom in the mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of your life. Once you have experienced this freedom, you will know it to be true and be motivated to grow this freedom.

You are encouraged to read through this entire instructional, understand it, and then immediately perform it.

To perform this visualization, you will need to prepare your space to be comfortable and free of distractions.

You will achieve the best results by sitting in an upright position. Consider using props such as blankets and pillows to support your upright position.

Then, take a few relaxing breaths to acclimate to your environment and intentions. When you are ready, you may begin.


The How-To

There is a huge, dark rectangle.

It is smooth to the touch. It does not reflect any light. It’s darkness is borrowed from the deepest ocean canyon. It is so dark, that it even swallows sound. It is the cousin of the black hole.

As you observe this rectangle, you see that it occupies three dimensions. You can count its eight corners. All eight corners are pointed and sharp, sharper than your best kitchen knife. It reminds you of a deadly weapon.

The more attention you give to this rectangle, the closer it comes to you. As it comes closer, you detect a smell. It smells like tin, or metal. It is that same smell of blood you remember from the last time you cut your finger.

As it comes closer, you are able to observe its actual physical dimensions. The rectangle is the exact size and shape of the front door of your home. As soon as you recognize the familiarity in its shape, it changes its directory, and positions itself directly above the crown of your head. Both your physical form and the rectangle are facing in the same direction.

It hangs above your head just for a moment. Then, in one smooth motion, the rectangle drops and cuts your being perfectly in half.

Now there are two parts of you. There is what is behind the rectangle, and what is in front.

When you give your attention to what is behind the rectangle, you notice a wet, slimy, pulsating cord coming out of the back of your head. It is a milky color and you observe its movements the same way you observe a tickle.

The cord is your connection to your past.

It spreads out into other smaller, thinner cords following the patter and intelligence of branches on a tree. Each branch leads to a specific memory.

If you follow the cord connected to the back of your head, you will find every memory of your life.

As you follow different trails, you are able to feel the emotional connection to these memories. The more memories you observe, the greater the emotions become.

You are thankful for these memories. With complete clarity, you are able to see how these events, and the memories of these events, have saved you.

You now see that these memories are no longer capable of serving you. You follow the trail back to the main cord attached to the back of your head. If you can cut this cord, you will be free of your past.

You synchronize the actual, physical movement of your hand with the visualization of cutting this cord. You extend your index and middle finger to resemble a pair of scissors.

With one decisive movement, you “cut” with your visualization AND your fingers.

The cord acts like an animal or human does when it is cut. It coils and favors the wound. The damage caused by the amputation is too much for the entity to bare. Quickly, it becomes still with exhaustion, dries up like a fall leaf, and dies. Its remains quickly turn to dust and fall to the ground.


Post Visualization

Once you have completed this entire visualization, lie on your back and observe.

Observe the freedom in the mental, emotional, and physical dimensions. There is an incredible amount of space and all that remains is still and silent. Become friends with these sensations.

Lie here for as long as you like.

When you are ready, you may rise and continue with your day.

The momentum created by this visualization will give you lasting peace and freedom. However, if at some point in the day you feel the past trying to regain its footing, reenact the cutting motion of your index and middle finger.

You have created a “trigger” with this cutting motion. It will trigger the same emotional and physiological response that you experienced during your visualization.


In Conclusion

This visualization is incredibly powerful in helping you to move beyond the limitations of your past. If you perform this visualization to the best of your abilities and use the trigger at all appropriate times, you will know a new life after 4 weeks.


If you have any questions about this article, please ask by leaving a comment below. Also, we would love to start a conversation here. Tell us…what is your most painful connection to your past?


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