Releasing and Changing Emotions: An Introduction to the Emotional Freedom Technique

Oct 13, 2011
changing emotions

Reprogram those unconscious thoughts.


Thoughts and emotions are created unconsciously and pop into consciousness. Think about it. You didn’t choose to create that unfavorable thought. It happened automatically.

Want proof? Check out the Libet experiments on the neuroscience of free will.

Now if you can accept this premise, let’s put it to work.


For Starters

Stop disapproving of yourself for having that unfavorable thought, feeling, or emotion in the first place. You didn’t choose to create it. I happened outside of your sphere of control. So don’t beat yourself up- breathe easy.

Second, acknowledge that once that thought or emotion pops up, you can’t take it back. It already happened. So let’s move forward.


Conscious Control

On the other hand, while we don’t choose which thoughts and emotions are unconsciously created, we do have control over our actions.

And in fact, science shows us that by taking a specific action, we can train our thoughts and emotions to be consistent with that action in the future. That’s right- mind control.


Put It Into Practice

Suppose you’re craving a piece of chocolate cake. Mmm Yummy. But you’re on a diet. Wouldn’t it be nice if that craving wasn’t there? Let’s see if we can’t get rid of it.

Begin by acknowledging that the craving is an automatic process. Remember it’s not your fault. We’re all just humans after all. Plus, cake is delicious.

Now, use the EFT tapping on the craving, and using the Choices Method, make the choice to take action against eating the cake. Maybe you choose to give the cake away or give it to someone else. One popular practice using the Choices Method is to put the desired outcome in to a sentence beginning with the words “I choose”, e.g. “I choose to be in control of what I eat.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the EFT check out this video.



Next, reprogram those unconscious thoughts and emotions with consistent choices and actions.

Now, in order to make your life easier in the long run, you’ll want to get rid of those cravings.

In order to do that, you’ll have to first acknowledge that changing an automatic pattern will take time and consistent effort.

Next, whenever the undesired thought or emotion comes up, tap on it with the EFT and make a choice to act in a way you deem to be in your best interest.

The EFT session is there to release the emotion. The Choices Method segment is there to cement in the new action.

All there’s left to do is act in alignment with everything you’ve worked towards up to this point.


By consistently applying these steps, you’re rewiring your neurology to unconsciously create thoughts and emotions that support this new action.


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