Self-Affirmations: The Exercise that Changes Everything

Feb 05, 2014
What would you say to the perfect you?

What would you say to the perfect you?


Say it.

Know it.

Become it.

What is it? Well, it’s whatever you want it to be.


The Potential

You can affirm whatever you like. It’s like going shopping.

Do you want to remind yourself of how intelligent you are? Do you want an increase in confidence? Do you want to invent some new part of yourself- a creative side perhaps?

Whatever you want, you’re so close to getting it.


The Message

The source of power in self-affirmations is your intention. Intention, Intention, Intention.

You’re admitting to yourself and to the universe that you’re ready for change. Oh, how the universe loves this!


Because the universe is always changing. If you hop on board, you’re saying that you’re in alignment with the universe. As friends, you begin to help each other out.

You do some of the ground work and the universe throws you a bone every now and then.

The fact that you’re being honest, brave, and willing is enough to get you what you want.

So…what do you want?


The Exercise (Phase 1)

Do whatever you can to be as relaxed as possible.

Do you have a yoga, tai chi, or meditation practice? Or are you more of a glass of wine and hot bath kind of person? Whatever it is, you know you best. Do what you do to get relaxed.

Next, choose your affirmations.

You may choose one or several messages. Consider beginning with some area of your life that is troubling you.

Feeling unattractive after a bad haircut? Feeling lonely because your whoever is out of town this week? Start there.

The answers to these troubles sound something like: “I am beautiful” and “I am my own best company”. Something sweet and simple. Something you can say comfortably in one breath.

You may choose your affirmations before you begin your exercise or let them come to you as you are in your relaxed state.


The Exercise (Phase 2)

So here’s the meat of the exercise.

You’re in a relaxed state by now. You’re sitting in a comfortable position. You have smooth, calm, and rhythmic breathing

Breathe in and on your outbreath, say your affirmation out loud. Say it like you believe it.

Did it come out like when your teacher unexpectedly called on you in the 3rd grade and you guessed the answer to #5?

If so, that’s not going to work. If you didn’t like the way it sounded or felt, write it off as a warm up swing, and say it out loud again.

Feel it penetrate the depths of your mind. Know that you are remapping your brain’s neural pathways, creating a new you.

If you’re are relaxed enough and generating Alpha, Theta, or even Delta brainwaves, you may be lucky enough to soften your “critical factor” allowing these affirmations to sink into your subconscious mind (more on that in a future article).


The Exercise (Phase 3)

So far we’ve only taken one breath. Whew, that was a lot to talk about for one breath.

Let’s move on to the next breath.

It’s not enough to tell our brain that there’s a new sheriff in town. We have to tell our body too.

On the next inhalation, charge your body with energy. It’s like putting the effort into moving a milkshake through a straw. It’s the wind-up before the pitch.

You may experience this charge as a quiet vibration, warmth, or physical alignment. You can probably think of your own way to describe this. Leave a comment below if you do- might help some of our friends.

On your exhalation, feel the message flood your body as it touches every corner of your being.

Your body becomes like the body of a guitar. The notes (affirmations) you plucked resonate and fill you.

It’s very important to feel your affirmation in your body. Don’t think it. We already did that.

If you created an affirmation of “I am beautiful”, you don’t necessarily have to feel beautiful (although this certainly may happen). The focus is to feel the message. It’s as if you’re giving an order to a subordinate and you trust that they are going to carry it out perfectly.

So trust it.


The Exercise (Phase 4)

You’ve done the work, now let the work work for you.

Isn’t that a nice thought?

Bask in your affirmation. Bathe in the sensations.

You may breathe simply and comfortably for this phase.

It’s very 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. Relax and choose your affirmations
  2. One breath for the mind, stating your affirmation out loud
  3. One breath for the body, feeling your affirmation in your body
  4. X amount of breaths to enjoy


You may stay in “Phase 4” as long as you like.

Maybe you’re done there.

However, maybe you choose to re-affirm or to make a new affirmation.

Want to make it a double? Repeat the process using the same affirmation.

Did you plan for more than one affirmation before you began the exercise? If so, move to your next affirmation.

Often the peace and wisdom felt and gained by one affirmation will lead to a new development. You may experience a flow or opening of new ideas, inspiring new affirmations.

It may be a more focused affirmation. For example, you may begin with “I am beautiful”. Then it becomes more focused and you discover that you want to give extra attention to your skin. The new affirmation is “I have beautiful skin”. Get it?

Or your affirmation may lead to a new area of focus. You may begin with “I am beautiful”, and then realize other parts of you that are beautiful (or need to be reminded that they are beautiful). Maybe it’s “I have a great sense of humor” or “I have perfect posture”.

Again, your affirmations may be “reminders, builders, or creators”. It’s whatever you want.


Your New Life

The more your practice this, the stronger the sensations and results will be.

Just by reading this article, the change you’re seeking is already happening.

It begins inside and moves out.

Feel it and watch how the world around you changes.


Leave a comment below and share with us some affirmations that you’ve had positive experiences with.




  1. John Stone says:

    Everybody should try this. Thanks for this

  2. arliese says:

    this is a definite try! thanks

  3. Lorraine says:

    Does this help for health issues?

    • LogitheYogi says:

      You better believe it! If you would, share with us what health issues you are suffering from. We can think of some affirmations together.

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