The Science of Your Subconscious (2/2): Finding the Answers to Your Problems

Jul 04, 2012
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The answers to your manifestation problems are closer than you might think.


This is part 2 of a 2 part series:

The Science of Your Subconscious (1/2): How to Manifest Your Desires with Ease


In our last article, we talked about how modern research has reveled that our subconscious mind isn’t this simple, believe whatever you feed it, animal it’s been portrayed to be in the past.

On the other hand, it’s also not some crystal ball that knows the answers to everything.

Science is showing us that our subconscious mind is discerning and that it can offer us very valuable insight.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how we can actually use this insight to manifest what we want faster and easier than before.


A Channel to Communicate

One big distinction that we want to make clear is that you need to movie away from this idea of fixing or programming your subconscious mind. Instead, replace it with the idea of opening up a channel to communicate. This way you’ll be better suited to receive and gather relevant information for immediate and long term success.

For example, you gave a speech yesterday and it was a disaster. Ouch. Well it’s over. Move on. Right? Not if you want to have better success next time.

Under the old paradigm, you might be sitting down and thinking to yourself, “Ok, so what do I have to do to program my subconscious to make sure this doesn’t happen again?”

Under the new paradigm, your reflection sound more like, “What was I so nervous about during the speech that affected my performance?” Then you would open yourself up to your subconscious mind to receive.

The information can come from your thinking or feeling mind. You’ll be surprised from the types and range of information you receive.


Opening Up

Maybe you get some answers like, “Everyone was watching me and I could feel the pressure,” or “I knew there was a lot riding on that presentation and I let fear get the best of me.”

Often with these realizations, there’s an emotion attached to them. We encourage you to release these emotions using your favorite release technique. If you are having trouble releasing your emotions, check out this video for a good look at the EFT.

After the release, a new phase of understanding will come. The second wave of information sounds like, “I know I should have rehearsed my speech more than I did,” or “I should have showed up for the presentation earlier so I had the chance to get comfortable in my environment.”

This second waves of answers only come when you genuinely open yourself up to feedback. It takes a great deal of honesty and motivation to learn.

Under the new paradigm, it’s your responsibility to figure out whether this information is valid and what to do with it.


So Remember…

This new paradigm shift opens us up to a whole new world of constructive feedback, and if you take the time to experiment with it, you’ll find it to be truly eye opening and empowering.


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    Superb exercise in willpower. Respect & have a great (new) life.

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