4 Factors That Cramp Your Manifestations

Feb 09, 2015

Need some elbow room?


Have you ever played catch?

What about catch with a baseball glove and baseball?

If so, then you know the genius in the design of the glove.

It’s light, durable, comfortable, and flexible. The most important feature of the glove is its shape.


Answer: Because it’s empty.

Imagine trying to catch a ball with a glove that was already full. The incoming ball would hit the glove, bounce off, and land on the ground.

The way in which you receive your manifestations follow the same mechanics.

If you don’t make the space, you won’t catch it.


Weak Manifestations

The only reason everybody in the entire world doesn’t rely on manifestation is because they’re doing it wrong.

Now, it’s a blurry line between what is the “right and wrong” way to manifest. However, it is clear that there are certain principles at work that need to be exercised in order to experience success.

Perhaps the dimension in which most of us are ignorant in is making space to receive our manifestations.

It’s heartbreaking to think of how many people out there put so much effort and intention into their manifestations (big or small) and never see the fruit of their labor.

Are you one of these people?

If so, don’t fret.

You’ll be closer than ever to your manifestations after you take the following into consideration.


The 4 Factors

What do we need to do to make space for our manifestations?

Well, it depends on the composition of your manifestation.

Place in your mind that which you want to bring into your life.

*pause for effect*

Consider its relationship to these four factors, i.e., what does your manifestation require in regards to these four factors?

  • Time
  • Space
  • Emotion
  • Responsibility


The Relationship

If you are manifesting a new relationship, how much time, space, emotion, and responsibility would it require to honor this manifestation?

Answer: A great deal.

Remember being a child and asking for pet dog? How did your parents look at you? They looked at you and considered these same four factors.

Does Johnny have the time to take care of a pet? Do we have the space for it to run around? Will Johnny care and love this dog? Has he shown us enough maturity to think he will be responsible for walking, grooming, and feeding the dog?

That which answers your manifestations is considering these same questions.

So what can you do?

Answer: Adjust your resources and behavior according to what your specific manifestation requires of you.



This is not to say that all manifestations require a great deal of adjustment. For example, finding that one store that sells the rare belt you need for your broken sewing machine will not require much adjustment.

For more on manifestation, visit The Don’t Do It Approach. And if you’d like even more information visit our Law of Attraction page at alltoosimple.


Who of you out there are currently working towards a specific manifestation? What is it? What is your current manifestation practice? Do you consider these four factors? Please share by leaving a comment below. Your support of our community is what gives it power.




  1. I have had close to 100 percent success with my manifestations for several years then I suffered a stroke
    Now 10 years later I struggle with my manifestations. Your insights and directionsvhavevhelped me get back on track

    Thank you

    • Joe, so glad to hear your back on track. Consider what topics you might be interested in learning more about and we’ll do our best to get that information to you. What’s been one of your favorite articles so far?

  2. Luis García says:

    Considering the aforementioned factors, I just need abundance.
    I’ve already read Rishan’s ” Attracting Wealth” Bulletin but it has worked poorly for I have only made scarcely sufficient money to survive and I’m still deep in debt.
    Consequently, I’ve given up because I feel that either I’ve been framed or I’m going about it all wrongly in spite of having followed the instructions.

    • Luis, without knowing much about you, it seems that something is blocking you from your abundance. If you are unable to attract “Wealth”, then perhaps you have conflicting wants. Can you think or imagine of some idea or situation that would conflict from attracting what you want? Please share.

  3. Susan Pars says:

    Like the relationship manifestation

  4. Rha Green says:

    The issue I feel with the teachings is, it’s asking you to come up with a plan of action and work on it and adjust accordingly.

    The point most of them have issues with is, okay, I ask for X, but don’t know how to get it. If the teachings here are saying, take all these steps and make adjustments, then, it becomes a huge chore and half the time you are confused how this manifestation using meditation works.

    If I knew the steps, I would do it NOW. The point is, I don’t know what to do.

    I can understand the frustration of Luis.

    • Rha, I hear you loud and clear. All of this can easily turn into frustration, especially when so much is at stake. This specific article is not about creating a plan of action. It is more about “building the nest”, the Preparing for manifestation. It’s the “saving for college” before the student applies for college. For more instruction on creating a plan of action for Manifestations, go to http://alltoosimple.com/?s=manifestation, scroll through these articles, and find a few that seem interesting. Please reply to this message if you still haven’t found the EXACT information you’re looking for.

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