Law of Attraction: A Personal Story that Confirms Its Power

May 20, 2010

This is a personal anecdote to prove the power of Law of Attraction.

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  1. You are a miracle worker! I want to know more of your techniques!

  2. Patti Hiscox says:

    Awesome Rishan I love all this!!!

  3. ROBERT ASSEN says:


  4. Raghuchak says:

    hey bro tht’s a gr8 miracle…….

  5. Jocelyne says:

    Wow! That’s an awesome story. Way cool!

  6. I totally understand. MY life is like that too

  7. This may be “proof” for those that dream small but what
    about something huge, for example I would like to manifest
    a billion dollar net worth in the shortest time possible. Can
    you show me how?

    • You have to believe you have it already. You can not go from 10 dollars an hour or however much you make to becoming a billionaire. If you could then you would already have it. You have to start small. Like an extra 200 a month or so. It has to be believable to you and attainable. Are you willing to do the work of a billionaire? Do you have what it takes to even make 50 grand a month? Probably not because you don’t have it yet. You can’t trick your Sub Conscience mind. You can wish and visualize all you want, but if your Sub Conscience is not a match then you’ll never obtain it. That’s a fact.

  8. Maessage for Joseph:
    A billion Dollars, no probs… Have it live it in your mind and it will be there..why not start with a million what you actually can manifest aand live. You do not live or manifest like you own the same as Bill Gate. That’s the trick mate and then it works. Live it in your mind, act it, that’s the trick It does for me. Good luck Tom

  9. Message for Tom:
    Are you a billionaire? I understand what you are saying. That one’s visualization must be so real that you actually feel internally and externally as if you’re there. Create your own alternate universe with you possessing all that you wish to manifest. Maybe not the alternate universe part. That will take alot of visual power but one must believe it is so in order to manifest the things you desire. I have’nt realize that potential yet on that level, but I desire to attain such capabilities. May all be bless continually in their endeaver to seek.

  10. Actually guys, the point of visualization is to FEEEEEEL it. FEEL it as though you have what you want here and now. FEEL how exciting it is. FEEL the joy in having it. Basically, it’s pretending you have it! Because that is what gives off the good feelings :)

    The point of this, and the whole thing about the L.O.A is that it’s about vibrations. You see, WE humans are all just energy. Energy is constantly vibrating – therefore, even though you can’t see it, we are vibrating. So, you see, the thoughts we have (i.e things we focus on) give us FEELINGS…. those FEELINGS are either good, or bad. Good feelings give off high frequency vibrations…. Bad feelings give out a very low frequency vibration.

    Now, as we all know, the L.O.A is all about ‘like attracts like’. Therefore, if you’re giving out good feelings (i.e high frequency vibrations) then you’re going to get those things coming to pass. If you focus on bad things, like you don’t have enough money or you have too much debt, then guess what? You’re going to get more of NO money and more debt.

    If you wanna read a great book that taught me HOW to do all this – there’s one written by Lynn Grabhorn called ‘Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting’. It’s awesome.

    Hope that helps :)

  11. Jean Okimaw says:

    Hi I recieved some good news this morning when I got up.
    Before this I just finshed reading the book Secret last month and I started cleaning out my place, gathering my childrens clothes tossing things out here n there, then my brother’s fiancee calls me up and asks for donations for their yard sale they are fundraising for thier wedding next month. So I gathered more n more things for thier yardsale. didn;t realize i had so much in my place. lol. well anyways losing track here. the main reason as to why I was cleaning my house was because I wanted to move to a low rental place for my family & i to get settled in rent was just rising n rising. So I started getting myself ready JUST IN CASE i were to get a call to get one of the low rentals in my mothers area. well I got that call this morning, and all this happened within 2 wks. I was amazed. Now to work my wonders on that 50 million + 26 max millions in play for friday. Who knows eh.

    I wanted to share my story and grateful that the universe bought me to the book and learned some great things. Things I didn;t know I was already doing until I saw the results.

    Thank you

    • Hi Jean, thats for sharing. It’s always awesome reading about how others are making this work in their lives. Keep up the great work :)

  12. Hello Rishan:

    I really enjoy listening to your videos. Are you just making audios now? I’m still new at this
    and haven’t manifested as yet but I’m a very willing pupil and want so much to find corporate sponsorship for my nephew whom is training for Formula 1 in Italy. It’s very expensive and
    his parents cannot manage anymore.

    You said in your last audio that you had a program that guided you step by step? Is it
    available now? If it is, please send me the link.

    You are a wonderful person wanting to share your wisdom with everyone.

    Good Health and Happiness to you…………………….Sincerely, Francesca
    for my nephew who

  13. I really want to see this video, but it doesn’t work. I get an error on page messwage. Can you email me a better link or the vid itself?

  14. Rishan says:

    Hey Mike, unfortunately it’s locked on this page. Maybe try a different browser?

  15. wow… that was really amazing Rishan.. So basically we have to send a request out to the universe and just completely forget about it??? i mean i use to do the same thing but i would actuallyy wait for it to happen or keep thinking about it.. so i guess i was going wrong out there right??

  16. Really happy for you! Nice message to keep the faith going :)
    Olive (Belgium)

  17. I am sorry to let you know, but i could not see the video

  18. Rishan, great stuff. but there is no video. still learning to manifest something big. Maria

  19. Sally Ann says:

    hi very inspiring video, i live in botswana and have no local contact with anyone practising the loa here i was wondering if u have ever thought of coming to botswana to do some coaching haha!! i know its difficult for u i have been practising loa and meditation on an average basis since the beginning of this year and i have seen small changes in me, but my family have noticed big changes in me, there are about 3 or 4 main goals i am trying to reach in my life and id appreciate ure help very much, people like you are needed in this country :)

  20. Hey hi, but sorry i couldn’t watch the video. It just isn’t here!

  21. i couldn’t see the video :(

  22. Mary Lynn Mabray says:

    “Thoughts become things.” You put the appropriate attention with the thought of the perfect place for you but you were open to actually any perfect space that would serve your needs. You didn’t weigh the thought down with “oh no what happens if I don’t get that place”… you stayed open and in the flow. :–)

  23. You can manifest stuff even if you have bad intentions.
    You already are manifesting a life that does not satisfy you.
    You can manifest more bad dudes to help you rob banks and beat up people.
    The Law of attraction works 24/7, whether you are deciding what you want or just letting other people control your life.
    George Bush was able to manifest a war with the Middle East.
    Prince Charles was able to manifest Camila back into his life by wishing it was so.

    Humans only know a few ways to get what they want, such as work harder, do more overtime, steal money or trick people into handing over their money or possessions into your ownership

    Once you acknowledge that God knows more than a 100 billion ways of giving you what you desire – it makes sense to switch off your Beta brainwaves that work you conscious mind, and let God give your dreams in the fullness of time.

    If you keep letting your brain limit your beliiefs to JUST A FEW WAYS to get things, you will persuade God not to give them to you. If you admit that you need HIS HELP, your dream will manifest automatically.

    You must believe in the Bible quotation, “ask and yea will receive (providing you believe”).

    If you let God give it to you at “God speed and God agenda”, it will arrive when it needs to arrive. Sometimes, God decides to give you SOMETHING BETTER than your wish.

    The work of humans is to decide with clarity what we want, to believe that every wish is automatically granted by God, and to take inspired action to start living as though it has already become true. By FEELING IT IS TRUE, God can see that we TRULY WANT it.

    By saying, “thank you God for what I am about to receive”, you are handing over your wish to God to manifest it for you.

    God will help you rob a bank if you ask him, because he grants both good and bad wishes – but society might send a Policeman to you door to arrest you if your bad desire breaks society’s rules.

    You name what you want – and feeling it is already true, particles of universe energy clump together and slow down to the speed your eyes are working at, so you can see and start enjoying in reality what you asked God for.

    When you want impossible things, you must ask God for his help, because humans don’t know HOW TO GET impossible things.

    God is omnipotent, omniscience – he made the world and all things in it. So it is most sensible to ask him to create something you want, and GUESS WHAT, God loves helping humans get what they want. God wants ALL HUMANS to have a wonderful llife on planet earth. He loves seeing humans living and breathing and having fun.

    The bottom line is, with God’s help, there is no limits to what we can ask for – in fact God wants us to have huge wishes (but to LET HIM ARRANGE for the wishes to be delivered).

    God gets very excited when humans want to play with him in creating new things. He gets lonely if no one asks for his help. And if millions of humans don’t believe in him, it just means that if you believe in him, your wish may be granted so much faster than if he had to grant the wishes of all 6.7 billion people wanting him to help them on the same day.

    By believing in God and his awesome ability to grant your every wish, you get instant priority because so many humans are sitting on the fence, and not sure he actually exists.

    Being not sure means they can’t use his powers as well as they could (if they were true believers).

    No one can see God, and so many humans only believe what they can see with their eyes.

    So guess what, if you don’t believe God can help you, then you slow down the manifestation speed so much, that the only way you can get your new car, is to do MORE OVERTIME at work in a job you probably hate……and spend more time away from your family. Is that what you want to do?

    God has so many ways to help us – if only we believe that all our wishes are granted when we talk to him and allow him to work the magic.

    God has the ability to lift his hand, and the most violent tornado will stop immediately and become a still wind. There is no limit to how much God can help you if you acknowledge him.

    When humans reach the limits of their endurance and break down and cry their hearts out, and admit they can’t “do it on their own” – and ask God for his help, within minutes a miracle can occur (and the problem disappears like a puff of smoke) BECAUSE GOD IS NOW IN CHARGE – AND HE IS INDESTRUCTIBLE – EVEN THE DETONATION OF A HUNDRED TRILLION NUCLEAR BOMBS COULD NOT STOP HIM GRANTING YOU YOUR WISH.

    God knows how to grant any wish you desire – as long as you love him and decide to always have him by your side in a partnership.

    Desires are gifts from God, and your job is to say, “thankyou God, I accept your gift with graitude”.

    Count your blessings of that which you already have. If you already earn more than a dollar a day, you are already richer than 60% of people on planet earth; and if you are not living in a tent in Afganistan in the snow after an earthq

  24. Fathima says:

    I have a small story that i would like to share with all u people. I have been watching u’r videos and they were awesome. I am a Muslim and deep down very religious.I take almighty with me every where i go .I talk to him all the time and when a difficulty comes i leave all my troubles to him and live peacefully. i have no idea i feel i live in a miracle world.indeed its a miracle,.every thing i want i just talk to almighty in one to two weeks i get it . its amazing!!!!

  25. That’s nice. But more like a good coincidence. Tell us a success that you have had manifesting a car, REAL money (more than 10,000 at one time) or a house.

    That is REALLY what people want and need even if they do not say it.

    • Rishan says:

      Hi Rich,
      Thanks for the comments. The reason I used this example is because it’s believable for most people. It feels into their realm of whats possible.
      If you take a moment to read through my bio, you’ll see that I was born in South Africa into not the best of circumstances. I retired from my job as an actuary at 23 and have been free ever since. I’ve manifested many multiples more than the amount you specified within a month on more than a handful of occasions. Unfortunately that doesn’t fall within the realm of possibility for most so I don’t make it explicit upfront.

  26. Marco V. says:

    Hey rishan how is it going?? I hope just great as always, that proof was a relly good one, just when you need it. By the way, i got a question, how i can manifest the amount of money i want, i mean is good to think in which way you want to receive the money? Or just ” i want X amount”, Man thanks a lot, i wish you the best of life, peace.

    • Yes Rishan if you wouldnt mind answering that, l had been wondering quite the same thing, l decided to write myself a cheque, and l have a dream house that l feel completly is already mine, and look at it inside and out dailly online and when l try to deeply meditate l see myself already there and see the suroundings perfectly. Am l on the right track?? Or should l be thinking about just the CHEQUE amount…..?? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED TO OUR QUESTION. HOPE IT DOSENT SOUND TOO SHALLOW, :) thank you, God Bless.

      • Hi Irena,
        Imagining and feeling as if you already have the cheque is what creates the magic. I suggest you choose a specific amount and stick with that. Then generate the feelings of already having around that amount.

  27. Nicole says:

    WOW!!! Now tht’s the degree of manifestation I have been aiming towards!!! This has been inspiring…thank you for sharing!!!

  28. I know for a fact that the LoA is real & how using the LOVE emotion is key to the manifestation process works. I have just bought my dream car, live in a 2200sft home fully furnished with the rent paid up until may, attracted my soul mate & live the most amazing life ever & I haven’t worked a job
    In 3yrs. I’m constantly in awe how I can create with my creators help. I live my life exactly how imagined & I love EVERYONE, so with that everything lines up in the universe to allow your wishes to manifest at the appropiate time. Its called the LAW of ALLOWing. Just do your part to increase LOVE & do it unselfishly, think positive & go about as if you have received it already & it will definitely apprear! Remember the key is to LOVE everyone & everything, appreciate all things. This only vibrates your thoughts higher & therefore moves in lightening speed. It works!

  29. Hello Rishan and everyone else who comes here,
    I am brand new to manifesting and my question is that while reading the booklet by micheal collins about using image streaming while at the same time describing it out loud to maximize results, it says that one needs to be at some sort of lower brain wave levels, which is basically a very relaxed level on order to achieve results. Now my trouble is how do i know i am achieving those levels? i tried the method where the authors in one of their online seminars suggest using the technique of imagining space between items or parts od body to briong the background into the foreground and that moment when i realize that i then imagine my future as the present and how it feels, etc. I am basically trying to work on this to get a HUGE miracle: my sister recently filed for divorce and has a 2 yr old daughter from her husband, and it is my family’s and my dearest wish that somehoe they reconcile and live a really happy life together (the problem is that my sister cannot stand her husband anymore and starts fighting us and yelling at us when we tell her to give it another try). So i tried that last night and i find that saying my imagery out loud somewhat displaces my intensity of the focus on my imagery. Is that normal? Has anyone experienced something similar and yet gotten good results? Please help regarding this matter. Anyone? There’s also this whole limited timed with this situation now because once the divorce is finaled sometime in the fall season then it’s done for good.

  30. Thank you for telling us this, l feel like your the mother Hen (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN :) )and we are the little chIcks learning everything from you. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS, AND PLEASE KEEP SHARING EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU RISHAN.



  31. You can visualize all you want but if your Sub Conscience mind is not agreeable with your Conscience mind then all your doing is hoping and you will not manifest your desires. That’s a fact. That is why most people can not make the LOA work for them. They think by just sitting around thinking and pretending they have it, that it will come. Wrong! You have to meditate and clear your Sub conscious mind and you have to be willing to do the work required to get what you want. Donald Trump does not just sit around wishing for his money. He works for it.

  32. Great post! Thanks!

  33. Your coincidences are a marvel, and truly believeable. We have all had them. I can remember a small blackboard I kept in my bedroom and made a list of things I truly wanted to happen. All but one came about and it was something I really didn’t need and could live without. It was a pontoon boat, of all things. Keep videoing. I am weaning myself away from your WBST video instructions and relying now on my notes. Once I get the notes memorized, I should be on my way to great things. Are you using tapping in any of your manifestations? Please let us know. Thanks again.

  34. Gloria says:

    Lest we forget, thank you, thank you, thank you, Rishan, for what you are sharing with the world. You will be greatly rewarded. For sure, you have the touch. Yes, I tried tapping—on my sick cat, AND she is much better. It really works. I must try it on a human next, if I can find one. Happy Tapping, Everyone.

    Thanks so very much for the reminder :)

  36. Thanks again, Rishan, for your contributions. I find your script fascinating and will try it tonight before sleeping. And I will use my long-standing dream. I can already tell it will make me feel good!

    You’re getting some questions here and I have some, too:

    1) What is tapping?

    2) Can we try to manifest more than one thing at a time?

    3) If we can only manifest one thing at a time, can we do different visualizations with different desires?

    4) Is it best while visualizing to assume our desires will come any way the Universe decides … or should we also be concentrating on how they’re going to happen?

    5) What is the “numbering” sequence you put in the script? 1-2-3 … I don’t quite understand what I’m supposed to do with them … Am I supposed to say “2 …,” etc.? I’m confused by that. I can’t begin this script until I have the answer.

    Thanks ever so much!


  1. […] I’ve literally had hundreds of things, experiences and people come into my existence after I specifically set forth an intention, cleared my internal blocks and maintained my sense of ease and flow. More often than not…the crazy set of coincidences that string together to bring me what I want is just too good to be true. I made a post about one right here: […]

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