Law of Attraction: How to Attract What You Want Faster

May 02, 2010


attract what you want

What sort of internal blocks do you have?


One of the most popular questions we get is: “How do I make the Law of Attraction work faster?” Great question.

The simple and most common answers are:

  • Imagine having achieved what you want more often (if you’re doing it once a day, do it three times a day)
  • Make your visualizations more vivid
  • Add more emotion to your visualizations


All that is great and works wonderfully, but only if…

…you’ve handled all your internal objections and blocks to getting what you want.

If not handled, these blocks and objections can literally stop you dead in your tracks.


Your Subconscious Mind

You see, you are receiving some kind of benefit from having that block in place. You subconscious mind “protects” you by keeping it alive and hidden.

Here’s a real example. A client of ours, Rabby (the client is real, the name isn’t), is a very successful entrepreneur. When we began working together he had already built up an online business that had allowed him to leave work and travel freely.

However, he had been stuck making the same amount of money each month for over a year despite his consistent efforts to grow his business.

Now, when your intention and effort is to improve, and little or no movement is happening, there’s a limiting belief or internal block at play. Tricky right?


The Block

After a bit of digging, we actually found out that Rabby felt that if he was too successful, his friends and family would take advantage of him. For a more in-depth look at how we approached Rabby’s issue, visit this article.

Now, you can imagine how that would put a guy in a tough spot.

He was subconsciously protecting himself from being put in that “awkward” position by not making “too much” money. Those were the actual words he used, and they triggered the emotions which kept him stuck.

Using those key words, we removed the emotional sting from this block. Literally, that same month, Rabby’s income more than tripled. That’s the power we’re talking about here!


The Cure

So how did we take care of the emotional sting? Well, in this particular case, we used a modified version of an Energy Psychology procedure. For a brief look at this method check out this video.

Using Energy Psychology, we used timeline therapy to go back to the trigger event, get the learnings and release the emotional stress.

Then, we found a way of preserving the benefit that he was protecting, while achieving what he wanted. To make his healing process stick, we combined repetition with powerful hypnotic suggestions.

Here’s a quick way for you to begin to experiment with this method.

Find your emotional trigger. Is it a word? A situation? A person? What are the emotions surrounding that trigger?

Give these emotions your attention. Acknowledging that there is a block, and emotions surrounding it, will help you to begin the healing process.


So Remember…

If you’re having trouble with your manifestations, consider any and all blockages that you might have and move forward from there.


For a complete step-by-step guide to setting and achieving goals through manifestation visit:

Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0


Leave us a comment below and share what success you’ve had in releasing blockages.




  1. Thank you for this interesting information. I have been studying Law Of Attraction and other mind control subjects (such as bio-energy healing, shamanism, psychology, lucid dreaming and divination) through a variety of means.
    In addition to that, searching for that special connection between this physical reality and that subconcious dream-state relm where any and all is possible. Thereby bleding the two using deliberate, concious intent to co- create for me all the good things I could want and need.
    Part of that desire is to help others reach the same potential by teaching what I know on the subjects.

    Theoretically, I now know a fair amount about energy- bio-field no-touch healing and shaminism have had astounding successes with people and animals using these techniques.
    Yet in my striving for more knowledge and being conciously aware of how it’s supposed to work, I am still trying, without much success, to improve my income level to where I can do as I please with my time and work at what want. Instead I’m in a physically demanding, 40+ hour/week job as a carpenter at 50+ years old. I’m not complaining as there are far worse situations to be in and I do enjoy the framing and finishing parts. What I find is I spend far too much time doing that and very little time doing what I really want.
    So in my mind and on paper, I’m dreaming about the life I’d be leading if all the the hours in the days were available to me to do whatever I choose.


  2. Rishan says:

    Hi Jo-Jo,

    Sounds you’re doing well so far.

    This is just a hunch, but when you say “dreaming about the life…” are you focusing on the feeling of “wanting” that life or “enjoying, having” that life?

    There’s a big distinction there – and the second one is what you want.


  3. Hi again Rishan. I don’t know if you’ll agree but during the waiting process for your desire to materialise, be very careful to whom you reveal the details. Three years ago, I fell madly in love with this younger guy and things were in the early stages of flirting with meaningful conversations, seductive glances and progressing well. I’d visualised us being together, lit candles, etc as you do. Then I made the mistake of telling my next door neighbour on a girly night in. She then proceeded against my wishes to try and find out personal stuff by talking to his brothers. I then got insecure and desperate and he backed off. He doesn’t live far from me and I still live in hopes but I’m not holding my breath!

  4. You pointed some nice topic. These tips are very helpful.

  5. Jazmine Illis says:

    I am new to the study of the Law of Attraction, I do know that it exists. Now I would like to have a baby, I think about it all the time and I do as the law says. But there has been no evidence of me getting what I want? What must I do? Will the Law ever work for me? How do I now if I have blocks and how do I remove them?

    • Hi Jazmine,
      Thanks for the great question.
      There are sometimes issues for which it’s tough to judge any progress…and this is definitely one of those. I do firmly believe that this desire is within your grasp – I have seen similar things happen with my own eyes. It comes down to releasing the underlying limiting beliefs and programming your subconscious resources for your desire.
      As a starting point to uncover blocks ask yourself:
      “Do I deserve to have a baby?”
      “If not, why not?”
      “Is it safe to have a baby?”
      “Do I really want to have a baby?”
      “What’s the downside to having a baby?”

  6. Now i want a new cell phone asap bt it will come when my dad will giv me the money so how do i make it happen even more faster mail me at

    • Hello Karan,

      What I can advice is that you work on plans that are within your control… e.g. planning a way to make the money. :)

  7. I am in a close place of understanding the visuals along with feelings…I just don’t know how to visualize what the outcome would look like :( Grateful for your balance tips

    • LogitheYogi says:

      That’s great that you’re tuning into the feelings of your manifestations. I would submit that they are even more powerful than the visuals. However, when considering visuals, start small. For instance, how will your face look when you got what you want? Probably happy. Visualize you with a happy face. Please share with us what you are wanting to manifest (I can give you some more helpful visualizations).

  8. Shekhar says:

    Hi Rishan,,,I believe in the law of attraction very much and I know these stuffs since 5-6 months ….I often talk with my friends and relative regarding the power of subconscious mind but a brother of mine asked me one question and I couldn’t ans him properly…what I want to know is that can a 24 year old boy who is 5 feet tall and thin,say weight 55 kg only …by repeating the affirmations clearly and with more emotions, achieve what he desires,,,i.e. he wants to be 6 feet tall and be liitle fat with chubby cheeks…Is these sort of physical changes possible in the body by affirmations?I said yest to him in that moment but I wasn’t confident..please answer me..

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Hi Shekhar, thank you so much for your question, and what a good one! In order to achieve this Manifestation, your brother would have to be incredibly power in his Manifestation skills. He would have to have more power than all of the collected energy and momentum that are held in his genes. This could be an incredible challenge for anyone, regardless of their stage of development. In my opinion, it would take more than only using “affirmations”. I will take my response to you one step further. The amount of time it would require to achieve this goal could very well be spent on something more rewarding. So is it possible? Anything is possible! However, I would advise him to spend this time on something else. However, “the heart wants, what the heart wants”. Shekhar, what are your thoughts?

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