Manifest with the Lunar Eclipse: How to use Light to Block and Attract

Apr 14, 2014
lunar eclipse

It’s time for some alignment.


Alright everyone, time to get your Manifestation on.

Tonight is a very special night for us Western Hemisphere-ians. Sorry Eastern Hemisphere-ians, your time will come (don’t worry, this article has something for you too).

Tonight you have the opportunity to experience a total lunar eclipse *huge applause*.

Not only will it treat your eyes with hypnotic shades of red, but it will also teach you a thing or two about blocking and reflecting.

Lunar eclipse 101: Our sun gives light. The moon reflects it. Sometimes Earth blocks that light. Class dismissed.

So how is this going to help us with our manifestations?

Great question.

If you haven’t heard, symbols are an incredibly powerful agent for manifestation.


Goals and Challenges

Everybody has goals. Everybody has challenges.

Knowing the impact of these challenges will save your life.

Knowing is half the battle, right?

So what’s the other half?

Finding the energy to step up to immovable challenges, and removing the self-imposed ones.

Now, we can’t help you with the immovable challenges (short of coming over to your house and helping you muscle through cleaning the gutters). However, there is something we can do about the self-imposed ones.

Cue lunar eclipse.


Blocking and Attracting

What do you want to block?

  • Physical pain
  • Doubt
  • Uncertainty
  • Procrastination
  • Worriment
  • Identifying with the past
  • Overwhelm


What do you want to attract?

  • Healing
  • Opportunities
  • Safety
  • Money
  • Beautiful people
  • Support
  • Love


If so, then do it.

Easier said than done, huh?

How are your manifestation skills these days?

If you’re still reading this article, then you have probably observed some room for improvement.

So, let’s improve them. Let’s take our manifestation process to a physical arena.

Let’s use the aligning of our Star, Planet, and Moon to block and attract.


First Thing’s First

Before we go any further in this manifestation practice, you must set an intention.

For this practice, the intention is going to be to…

  1. block that which is holding you back, and
  2. attract that which will propel you forward


Badabing Badaboom.

Next, make a detailed…no, a very detailed…no, a very, very detailed list of that which you believe is holding you back and a separate list of that which you believe will propel you forward. Go ahead and provide explanations as to why. This may be a short or lengthy activity depending on your level of clarity.

Then, consolidate this very, very detailed list with explanations into two bulleted lists with just a few words per bullet. Create one bulleted list titled “Block” and another bullet list titled “Attract”. Write each of these lists on separate sheets of paper.

These are the first two items that you will need in this manifestation practice.

  1. (1) sheet of paper titled “Block” with a bulleted lists of your blocks, and
  2. (1) sheet of paper titled “Attract” with a bulleted list of what you want to attract


Have this prepared before the penumbral eclipse (beginning stage) at 4:53 Universal Time (UT). Use this nifty time conversion site to see when that begins for your time zone:


Go Outside

Now, you’ve already served yourself by articulating what you want to block and attract. This will be the beginning of your Movement.

But let’s take it to the next level.

The partial eclipse beings at 5:58 UT. At this time, you will need to draw a circle on the ground. Draw it in chalk, salt, kick up the grass from your yard, whatever you need to do to make a circle on the ground.

The circle symbolizes Oneness. The circle symbolizes Completion. The circle symbolizes the Portal in which you will close off to that which you want to block and open for that which you want to attract.

And come on, it looks nice. The sun is a circle (yes, I know it’s a sphere, work with me), Earth is a circle, our Moon is a circle, and you’re there with a circle- perfect and beautiful.


Work the Circle

The total eclipse begins at 7:06 UT.

As you might have already heard, tonight’s lunar eclipse will have a special effect of reflecting red light off of the moon.


Because all of Earth’s sunrises and sunsets are cast in the direction of the moon. Talk about a choice time for new beginnings.

When you begin to observe the moon reflecting red light, put your “Block” paper in the circle.

It’s like mailing a letter. Once you put the letter in the mailbox, your work is done- same here. Once you put the “Block” paper in the circle, just sit back and enjoy. You already did the work, now let the work work for you.

The total eclipse ends at 8:24 UT.

When you can first observe the moon returning to its familiar grey color, remove the “Block” paper from the circle, replace it with the “Attract” paper, and put your body in the circle.

Pause. Ok, what do you do with the “Block” paper? It doesn’t matter. It’s already served its purpose. Do with it whatever feels right to you.

Back to working with the “Attract” paper, same as before, you already set the intention and did the work, so let the work work for you.

Now, if you haven’t got all night, just spend a few moments in the circle with your “Attract” paper. If you have more time, you may want to stay in the circle and bathe in your investment.

Boom- you’re done.


In Conclusion

This isn’t some crazy voodoo or witchcraft thing…unless you want it to be.

This is you setting an intention and bringing that intention into a physical arena.

This exercise registers in the conscious mind, subconscious mind, physical realm, and non-physical realm.

Talk about covering all bases.

Next time, think of your own way to work with symbols and incorporate them into your manifestation practices.


Please leave a comment below and share with us your favorite manifestation practice.



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