The Answer to Why Your Manifestations Don’t Manifest

May 24, 2015

Look familiar?


You’ve been working towards your Manifestation.

You’ve decided what IT actually is. You read some article or book telling you to visualize it (or some other technique). You put in the time. You put in the effort.

But why isn’t your Manifestation here?

Because you haven’t given it shape.

Your Manifestation is air- it’s just floating around.

It’s time to give it gravity. It’s time to give it shape. It’s time to reach out and grab it.


Your Shapeless Manifestation

This physical world operates around shapes.

Shapes are THE common denominator for all forms of communication.

Consider us humans. We shape our mouths to make certain sounds. We shape our faces and bodies for non-verbal communication. Why should communicating your Manifestation to the Universe be any different?

You may be asking yourself, “What shape is that promotion”, or “What shape is a better relationship with my family”.

Answer: We at alltoosimple have no clue, but the good news is- it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is that your Manifestation has SOME shape.

So give it a shape.


Your Shaped Manifestation

When you give your Manifestation a shape, it becomes real.

Your brain knows what to do with shapes. Your body knows what to do with shapes. The Universe knows what to do with shapes.

The difference between a shaped and shapeless Manifestation is the difference between a game of soccer where all the players know the rules, as opposed to a game of soccer where none of the players know the rules.

The difference? Communication. In this case, communication of rules.

In your case, communication of reality.

Show (don’t tell) the Universe that your Manifestation is REAL.

Want to learn how?



This technique is to be performed in the mornings in a controlled environment.

  1. Prepare your space and body

Make your space as quiet and as comfortable as possible. Situate your body in your most comfortable, upright sitting position (visit here for tips).

  1. Give it shape.

Open your hands with palms up at elbow level. Begin to think of what your Manifestation is with as much specificity as possible (visit here for tips). Begin to feel all of the feelings associated with your Manifestation.

Focus the feelings into your palms- your palms are like magnets. Now, transmute those feelings into a rod laid across your open palms. Note- don’t get caught up in “visualizing” this rod. Instead, feel it. Feel the gravity of this rod shaped and weighed in your hands.

  1. Command its existence.

When you feel the “gravity” of your Manifestation in the form of rod laid across your open hands, transfer the rod to your RIGHT hand, give it a quarter turn, and firmly “plant” it into the ground. The LEFT hand turns over to rest palm facing down on LEFT leg.

You may stay in this position for a few moments or as long as you like.


In Conclusion

If your Manifestations are manifesting, then you need to change up your approach. Giving your Manifestations shape can be that change for you.


If any part of this technique is unclear, please leave a comment with your oh-so-specific question. Also, if you have any tips for our community on Manifesting, please share them with us as it creates HUGE value for our friends. 


  1. mohammed pervez says:

    Thank u for all d information

  2. Hi!
    Do I turn the rod and plant it in my mind or do I make the movements in real?

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Erdal, great question, thank you for asking. The more real, the better. I encourage you to make these movements with actual, physical movements. Turning our mind into physical movement is incredibly powerful- use it. Let us know how this technique worked for you and if you have any other questions. We’re here to support.

  3. Johnny Adamitey says:

    Thank you for this great exercise. I have the feeling this is it! However, I need some clarifications please.
    1. Please, how do I “transmute my feelings into the rod?
    2. The “rod” is already in my two palms, how do I transfer it into my right palm?
    3. How do I give the “rod” a quarter turn?
    4. Am I to lay my palm on my knee face down or do lay it on my leg? If on my leg, how do I do that please?
    Thank you once again.
    I am deeply grateful.

    • AllTooSimple says:

      Johnny, these are great questions, thank you for asking. Consider using an actual rod to help answer some of these questions. A stick from outside, base ball bat, whatever. It takes all the imagination work out of this technique. When you begin this exercise, and you have an actual, physical rod, charge it with your feelings- this is the answer to #1. Explaining this step in further detail is like explaining how to stand on one foot. It’s easier to experiment than to explain and understand. #4, either one will work. Palm down yes, but whatever is most comfortable. Johnny, give this a try and come back to let us know how it worked for you. We’re here to support.

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