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May 05, 2015

You can’t afford to not build your Manifestation skills.


You have to get what you want.

There’s no way around it.

You have to get what you want… even if it’s not “good” for you.

When you do, two things happen.

  1. You realize your powers in Manifestation
  2. You can then look at your Manifestation and decide if this “thing” is “good” for you or not- then move on.

The “move on” is huge and vital to your personal development.

Without acquisition, you’re stuck wondering what that goal could look like, what it could sound like, and what it could feel like.

You’ll wonder until you’re dead and gone.

Probably not what you’re shooting for, is it?

So what’s the other option?

Acquire, and then move on to other goals. This is the quickest route to get that life you thought wasn’t possible for you. You’re going to build your Manifestation skills, rack up successful Manifestations, keep some (drop others), and find out first-hand what in your life serves you and your ultimate purpose best.

Bada-bing Bada-boom.


The Back Door to Your Manifestations

Think of the last time you were at a restaurant, bar, club, or party and had to wait in line to get inside.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have assumed celebrity status and have security escort you to the back door where you went right inside?

Don’t think about it too hard. The answer is “yes”, it would have been very nice.

Well, can’t get you celebrity status at the club, but we can help you to get celebrity status with your Manifestations.

You’re ticket to stardom is Manifesting the FEELING that comes with your acquisitions.

It goes like this.



This is a stationary- creative meditation.

It is to be performed in the morning in a controlled environment, i.e., wherever you have the most influence to paint a distraction free environment.

  1. Prepare your space.

Make it as quiet and as comfortable for you as possible.

  1. Sit upright.

You may sit anywhere you like as long as it is in an upright position. Make sure you are comfortable- no need to strain your back or hip muscles.

  1. Focus on the feeling your Manifestation will bring you.

You’ll have to have already decided on this before you sit down for this meditation. If you want to Manifest a promotion at your job, then the feeling you want to focus on is excitement, pride, accomplishment, etc. If you are Manifesting a new loving relationship in your life, then the feeling you want to give your attention to is gratitude, affection, harmony, etc. If you would like more explanation on this step, ask by leaving a comment below this article.

Do whatever you can to conjure up this feeling. Feel this feeling by referring to your past, a song, a scene in a movie- whatever works best for YOU. This is the crux of the meditation.

  1. Release your feeling.

When you reach this stage, you will be radiating the feeling you want more of in your life. It’s time to release it.

But how?

You are encouraged to create your own method of sending this feeling out into the world, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  • With a full breath, exhale this feeling and blow it into your room. Imagine it melting the walls of your room and floating out into the atmosphere.
  • Concentrate this feeling in your cupped hands. Then, move your hands in a graceful motion as if you were releasing a bird or smoothly throwing a ball high into the air.
  • Give your attention to the sounds around you. While concentrating on your feeling, clap your hands together once loud and firmly. Imagine your feeling riding the sound out of your room and into the universe.
  1. Give it momentum.

This is where you show the universe that you really mean business. Go out and do one thing to help your Manifestation. Big or small- it doesn’t matter. The event that you choose should have some relevance to your Manifestation. Need a job? Ask one person for a job. Want a relationship? Tell one person “hello”. If you would like some help with this step, leave a comment below explaining your Manifestation and the feeling you’re focusing on. We’re here to help *hugs you*.



It’s time to get serious. There’s not enough time to fumble around and guess at what you want and how to get it.

This stationary- creative meditation will be THE step to help you get there. And when you get “there”, come back to this meditation for your next Manifestation, and the next, and the next, and the next.


What are you currently Manifesting? Are you finding any clues to help you know you’re on the right track? Are you completely in the dark? Share your experience- it creates value for our community.


  1. Im trying to manifest 10000 pounds to pay off my debt and take driving lessons so i can have means to do the job id love.
    I followed your steps and have asked people fir loans, driving lessons and even offerrd to do odd jobs.
    i am getting no further forward.
    my debtors refused to make a payment arrangement since my incime is so low.
    im on benefits with ill health and a 3 year old daughter.
    the job i would love to do involves driving.
    This is something i could realistically do with my daughter.
    i am struggling to get past this vicious cycle of debt and unhapiness.
    i know what i need to do anf how.
    I just nerd help manifrsting £10000 to do it.
    Your steps are easy to follow, however, once done and repeated how can manifestation occur when repeated attempts to improve my situation only makes it worse.
    Please help.

    • Tammy, we all want our cars to drive perfectly, so we take them to the mechanic for maintenance and repairs. However not all the cars in the shop need the same amount of work and attention. After hearing your story, I am of the opinion that you are in need of more work and attention than this article can offer you. It sounds like you need a Coach to help you with your goals and steps from “here to there”. I would encourage you to book a free “Strategy Session”. Most Coaches offer one of these to help create value for the client and see what Coaching can offer them. A quick google search will present you with a few options. Consider this a starting place-

  2. I’m currently manifesting a few major life goals right now. A world music album Illuminertia – The Sacred River of Creation and I’m very grateful to say that I’ve finished proofing my first book entitled Summoning Prosperity. At this very moment I’m ready to share both creations with the world. I’m doing what I can to manifest success and prosperity with both of these creative adventures. It’s interesting because that’s what the book is ultimately about and now I’m putting a lot of the knowledge in it to practical use so that I can quickly share it with the world. This meditation above was a wonderful way for me to visualize and set the intention around realizing my highest potential with both of these endeavors. Thanks so much for posting this! The website is fantastic and I’m happy to share this life changing information with anyone.

    • Eric, you’re welcome and thank you so much for the kind words, your time, and your attention. Very happy to hear this meditation is helping you as you are bringing creation into our world. Will you provide us with some links where we can learn more about you and your project?

  3. Ehetera Ramanui says:

    I asked a person for a job & was offerred a Business Opportunity

    • Ehetera Ramanui, very happy to hear this. Thank you so much for sharing this with our community. How is this job working out for you now?

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