Manifestation: The “Don’t Do It” Approach

Jun 13, 2014

Be attentive to your manifestation needs.


In the world of talking about manifestation, everyone is telling you what to “do”.

Do this visualization. Do this meditation. Do this affirmation.

What about what not to “do”?

Cut the fat and realize your manifestations quicker and easier.



Don’t Think

Thinking isn’t going to get you what you want.

Instead, try this.

You are presented with an opportunity and you react to- simple as that.

You’d be surprised how much “not thinking” can bring you closer to the life you want.

When you’re cooking a meal, and you bare handedly underestimate the hot temperature of the pot handles on the stove, do you continue to hold the burning-your-flesh-handles?

Of course not. You react.

There is a great amount of intelligence in your instincts and reflexes. There is also a great amount of intelligence in the present moment. It is the present moment that has the most information. More information always helps make better decisions.

Relaxing the voice in your mind (who is very much ready to tell you all the ways you won’t get your manifestation) will open the channel for reception. So open it.


Don’t be Tied to “How” You Get It

Does it really matter how you get what you want? Does it?

Besides, if you could choose how you get it, life would be much more boring. It would be the tv station that plays all reruns all the time.

Instead, let your manifestation be miraculous. Let it be new. Let it come from “left field”.

Sure, set up a time frame to receive (don’t want to wait until your 99 years old before you get that new car), but leave the delivery open ended. This kind of faith is the keystone of the Law of Attraction.


Don’t Just Sit There

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably in the research phase of beefing up your manifestation muscles. That’s good, but it’s going to take more than just research. It’s going to take some action. It’s going to take something to get the ball rolling.

What will your push to get the ball rolling? Think about it.

Your manifestation needs to enter the physical world, the one denser than thought. If you just think about your manifestation, you’ll just be left with thoughts about it. Thoughts attract thoughts. Can’t trade your thoughts in for that new car.

When you can put your physical energy into material, then your manifestation will become material. Think of it as meeting the universe halfway. The Universe: “What?! Why should I do all the work?”

So make that phone call. Walk in that office. Say that thing to the gatekeeper.


Don’t Give Attention to the Past

Necromancing the past will kill your manifestation. It’s like going out for a first date and talking about your X the whole time. Yuck.

Your conditioned mind of the past will be full of “That won’t work.” and “Remember last time?”

Even if you break through the first wave of these, be prepared for the next wave…and the next set of waves. Ask your surfer friends about this.

It (thinking of the past) will fight you until you have made the acquisition. Going 12 rounds with the mind is where most people fail. Then, the past is blowing up your phone challenging you for a rematch.


Don’t Lie to Yourself

If you want a new job because it will make you look good in front of your friends, admit to it. If you want a new sexy body, because it’s going to land you a new romance, admit to it. If you want money to prove something to your parents, admit to it.

Often the subconscious mind will dismiss your conscious mind’s manifestations because they are unclear or are battling with conflicting wants.

Honesty is the best policy and will bring you into alignment with what you truly want.

And one more thing, often the honesty will peel away the layers to give you a new goal, something different to manifest. Wanting money reveals itself as wanting a new car. Wanting a new car reveals itself as wanting a vacation. Just manifest a vacation! Why jump through all the hoops?


Don’t Forget This is Science

This isn’t some airy fairy pray to the gods stuff. It’s Science. It’s Reverberation…verberation…eration.

As you live, you vibrate. When you vibrate, it strikes everything. When you vibrate what you want, what you want begins to vibrate at the same frequency- the frequency of attraction. It’s like pulling the string tight to your tin can phone.


Don’t Believe that You are Separated from Your Manifestation

Almost everything is made of Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, and Calcium. That means you are made out of this stuff and what you want is also made out of this stuff.

You are what you want.

“So why don’t I have it?”

That’s a great question. What is standing in the way between you and what you want?

Here’s a hint…it’s always you.


In Conclusion

Instead of thinking about all the things you can “do” to manifest, think about what you can remove.

It’s the subtractive approaching to getting what you want. It’s also the quicker and easier way.


Leave a comment below and share your thoughts about what we can stop doing to get what we want.




  1. This is the essence of the Course in Miracles and Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now

  2. Thanks for the new approach the subtractive makes a lot more sense to me.

    • Paddy, thanks for sharing. The subtractive approach makes more sense to me too! Plus, it’s so much easier cutting things out from your life than adding/incorporating new things. Please share more with our community- is there anything you want to subtract from your life situation? Are you in the process of cutting something out?

  3. Peter, thank you for referencing these great resources. I believe our community could get a lot of value out of really sinking their teeth into these. Can you share some insights and/or experiences you’ve had with Course in Miracles and The Power of Now?

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