Manifestation: Strengthen Your Relationship with the Field

Jul 16, 2014

It’s time to get in there.


In this world is a Field.

It’s a field that cannot be seen, only felt.

It is of the most responsive composition in this universe.

Every day you, and everyone you know, interact with it.

It plays off of your every move and thought. They echo through the Field, reverberating your actions to the furthest unknown territories. One might think of it as an echo. If so, then it is an echo of the soul.

Acknowledged or not, you have a relationship with this Field. You may be familiars or complete strangers, and yet you are there side by side- in one another.

And all of this is cute enough, but where’s the value in this relationship between you and the Field?

If you have a victim’s mind, then the Field reverberates that fear into the world. It bounces of that which would victimize you, awakens it, and gives it your address.

Ever thought to yourself, “Why do I keep attracting this?” It’s because you have “I’m a Victim” flyers with your photo on it on every street corner on Earth.

However, it is not only a medium in which you may attract the unfavorable. It also works the other way. The Field is a conduit for realized dreams.

Change that victim flyer to a “Give Me That Money” flyer and you will know a different life.

Perhaps it’s like marriage for some. A healthy relationship will support happiness and fulfillment. A weak bond will surely bring suffering.

And that’s the purpose of this article, to strengthen your relationship with the Field so that you may block and receive to your heart’s content.

A daily exercise will promise this. And if your relationship with the field is like marriage, then this exercise will be like flowers to your wife or bacon for your husband.



In order to command what you want of the Field, you must first settle. Think of it as foreplay. If you want magic, you have to set the mood.

How do you relax?

Watching TV won’t work. Instead, let it be a relaxation of the body AND mind. Do you have a favorite place in your house to sit? A favorite time of day? A favorite sitting position?

All of these factors may be taken into consideration. Go with what works for you and tweak as you see fit.

This is a crucial step as connecting with the Field is paramount for the results you’re looking for.



Once you have found yourself in a relaxed state, search your mind and heart for what it is that you want.

No, not in three years from now. Focus on what it is that you want today. It may be a piece of the puzzle to realizing that three year goal, but make sure it is something you want today.

Aha! You’ve got it! You figured out what you want to manifest. Now, say it out loud.

There’s a trick to this step.

Who will you speak it to? It is common for people to speak it to themselves. This is incorrect for this exercise. Instead, speak what you want to the Field.

Ok, where’s the Field?

It’s everywhere, but you may give your attention to it by observing space.

If you are facing your bedroom wall, then give your attention to the space between where your skin ends and the wall begins. Think of it as the space in which your dreams will echo.

There is also space within yourself, the wall, and beyond the wall. You may also give your attention to this space as well. However, it is only necessary that you are conscious of space, so observe it in whatever way is easiest for you. Note: make sure that this space is still and empty of information. Turn the AC off, turn your WIFI off, turn all the sounds off- as little information as possible.

Ok, let’s review. Settle, give your attention to space, and say what you want to the space.

So maybe you’re really feeling this exercise and you try it once. You might get the results you want right away, but maybe not.

It depends on how strong your existing relationship with the Field is.

For this exercise, it is recommended to speak the Field every day. This is how you will strengthen your relationship with it. It’s the same kind of relationship you have with your body. If you eat one apple it doesn’t make you healthy. What did they say about an apple a day?

As mentioned, it is important to speak to the Field every day. If you find yourself not knowing what to manifest, don’t fret. Just “check in” with the Field. That might sound something like…

“Hello Field, Logan here. I just wanted to check in with you today and let you know I’m here and acknowledging you. Perhaps later today or tomorrow I will speak and feel that what I want from you, but I am without search in this moment.

The Field is an expert in judging your sincerity. If you tell the Field you want a new pair of shoes and you aren’t feeling it in the depths of your soul, then the Field will dismiss it. The Field will look at you like the mom in the toy isle of the store when her child asks for a cheaply made toy when he has five just like it at home.



You can have the most attractive product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, you won’t make a dime- same with our exercise.

Let’s go back to the flyer analogy. If you’re throwing a party and make a flyer to post around town, what will you put on the flyer? A photo of yourself with “PARTY” underneath? If so, you’ll be lucky if anybody shows up.

A better flyer will have all the information anybody would need. Date, starting time, ending time, location, what to wear, what to bring, and occasion are all valuable for those who are interested.

When you speak to the Field, use this kind of specificity.

Now a black and white copy of the flyer will get the job done, but printing them in color would be much more attractive.

How can we add that extra dimension when speaking to the field? Color is to flyer as emotion is to the Field.

You may realize your results with the “black and white” version of talking to the Field, but it is encouraged to incorporate emotion.

Do this by Feeling that what you want. Speak it, and then feel it.

Feel it as if what you wanted was delivered to you with a bow on top and a smile. Not only did you receive it, but you are living with it.

If you are looking for a new job, feel the emotions of the handshake after “You got the job”. Feel the emotions after your first fat paycheck. Feel the emotions of “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”



As you can tell, there are levels of this exercise, each deepening the bond between you and the Field. The deeper the exercise, the better.

Now, if you really want to take your manifestation practice to the next level, there’s one last think you must do- trade.

Trade some of your energy for what you want from the Field.

Those flyers aren’t going to hang themselves. The Field has no hands, no printer.

If you’re looking for that new job, perform this exercise, then go inside and make some calls, or even better, go the place you want to work and strike up a conversation with somebody that works there.

This effort is not intended to be the means in which you Receive (although it very well could be). Instead is a measure of intent. It shows the Field that you mean business. Remember, there are no free lunches.


In Conclusion

This exercise will only take about five minutes or so after you have relaxed. Take the time and perform it to the best of your skills. With practice, you will become mighty.

You’ll feel especially mighty after your first Deliverance.

You: This actually works!


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  1. Hi Rishan!
    I am from Brazil and I have been learning a lot with you in the past year. Great article!

    • Thank you so much for sharing. We really appreciate the feedback. Was there one article or product that spoke to you louder than the others? If so, which one(s)? Tenha um bom dia!


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