Chakra Meditation Guide: Get Answers Now (1/2)

Feb 12, 2014
Tired of not knowing? We all are.

Tired of not knowing? We all are.


This is part 1 of a 2 part series:

Chakra Meditation Guide: Get Answers Now (2/2)


Here’s a way to answer all the questions you have.

You check in with the different parts of yourself, see what they have to say, and finish with knowing exactly what to do and what not to do.

Think of it as using triangulation to find some unknown point (the answer). Collect what you know, reference the “known-s” to other “known-s”, and zero in on what you’re looking for.

However, we’re not using three reference points, like with triangulation. We’re using seven. We’re referencing the intelligence of our seven chakras. Hepta-gulation (work with me)?


Checks and Balances

Remember learning about checks and balances, federalism, and separation of power in U.S. History?

Me neither.

But it has something do with the design of making good decisions.

That’s what this article is about- making good decisions.

So what are the answers and how do we act on them?

Let’s ask our seven chakras.

Each of your seven chakras have their own specific kind of intelligence and are capable of providing us with answers. You’re the President and it’s your Cabinet. Ok, that was the last government reference.


The Perfect Question

Your chakras won’t give you the answers you’re looking for if you don’t ask the right questions.

Ok, what’s the right question?

Well, that’s for you to decide.

Say you’re having trouble at work or home. You want to fix it.

-Ok, what about work or home do you want to fix?

-It’s Bob. I’m having a difficult time communicating with him.

-Ok, is it all of your interpersonal communications, or is it focused around one topic?

-It’s actually focused around finances. Every time we discuss finances it goes sour.


And there’s your question. “How can I improve my interpersonal communication with Bob when discussing finances?

It’s all downhill from here.

Before continuing to the next section of this article, take a moment to yourself and consider what question you might ask yourself the next time you Talk to Your Chakras.

*Pause for effect*


The Exercise

Sit in your favorite meditative position.

Prepare your space in your favorite way.

Take a moment to calm and center yourself.

Create a question to ask your seven chakras. You may already have a question locked and loaded.

Ask yourself the question out loud. Do it in a way you would ask anybody anything- relaxed and waiting for an answer.

Now ask your first chakra. Give your attention to the area of your first chakra (base of spine). If you’re looking for extra stimulation to increase your focus, consider visualizing the color of your root chakra (red).

If you’re not familiar with your chakra system, visit Meet Your Chakras (1/5): An Introduction to Your Chakra System. Get that knowledge.

It is very important to feel your chakra before you ask it your question.

Take the time to breathe in and out of it. Inhale to expand and grow. Exhale to support and embrace.

Once you feel the “spinning” of your chakra wheel, ask your question.

Then, wait for the answer. Don’t try to use your mind to formulate the answer. Don’t worry, you’re going to ask your mind when you visit your 6th chakra. Let it come from the ancient wisdom that dwells within you.

The answers will come to you in the fashion of when a skilled musician plays jazz, or the way a child knows how to dance.

Let go.


In the Next Article…

In the next article, we’ll go one step deeper into this exercise, giving some insight on what to expect from each of your chakras.

We’ll do a case study with one question and see what the chakra’s have to say.


Leave a comment below and share with us how you find the answers to questions you have.




  1. Robert Garcia says:

    Definitely a good exercise. I am excited with the next article.

  2. Adeliese says:

    I’ve tried and had enjoyed this exercise.. :) Thanks for sharing!
    I’ll check out the other article..

    • LogitheYogi says:

      Excellent. Glad you got some value from this exercise. Yes, and please tell us what you think of the other article :).

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