How to Command Lower Body Consciousness

Mar 30, 2016

Mount up!


Cowboys are the masters of lower body consciousness.

They understand all too well the importance of being rooted in action and commanding the situation.

They have to.

Their job on the ranch is terribly demanding and there’s no room for weakness or fear. Their bravery, tenacity, and endurance has chiseled them into the hearts and minds of generations as the ultimate hero.

They hold this sacred space in our lives because of their ability to rule. They wrangle man, beast, terrain, and weather. They are able to do this and much more thanks to their most valuable tool and partner- the horse.

For thousands of years, humans have developed and maintained this valuable working connection between man and beast. We owe much of our developed civilization to the sweat and cooperation of the horse.

So let us honor and celebrate the first courageous man who mounted a ½ ton hunk of mass with a mind of its own, capable of running up to 40 mph, and the leg strength to cripple and kill with one single kick.

…He must have really, really wanted to ride that horse, just imagine!

And what did he do when he got up there?

He commanded lower body consciousness.

He gave his intelligence to his feet, knees, hips, and back to manifest a symbiotic relationship between desire and action.

You can have this same intelligence in your own life. You can have this same dominance over your own personal terrain.



Mount Up

We’re not as itchy to suffer the same hardships as the cowboy.

We don’t want to lasso a steer or burn our brand into its haunches.

We have our own agenda. It’s a modern one. And while on the surface it looks different than the Cowboy’s, they have more in common than you think.

Ultimately, both us and the Cowboy are looking at the desire to excel in communication, transportation, and action.

The Cowboy communicates his presence to the horse via his lower body. His communication allows him the transportation and strength needed to perform some specific action.

Aren’t our modern lives exactly like this?

Aren’t we working towards communication to move resources to perform some specific action?

What specific action are you currently working towards? Hold that in your mind as we proceed.

Let us follow what the Cowboy has already figured out and strengthen our lower body consciousness to assume control over our presence, body, and behavior.


And Away We Go

To have complete and total dominance over our lives, we have to strengthen our physical dimension, i.e., the body.

When the body shifts into alignment, the other dimensions of our lives (emotional, mental, spiritual) follow suit.

Let’s begin by looking at the knees.

Don’t lock them. The knee loses flexibility and strength when locked. It stifles option and possibility.

*Note: this article is encouraging a slight bend in the knees. Overcompensation will have an adverse affect. Again, a slight bend is all that is needed. Experiment to find your equilibrium.*

Think of it like this…do you want flexibility, strength, options, and possibility in your life?

Sounds like a tall order, right? It is, but not when you break it down to its most fundamental incarnation.

  1. The Cowboy wants to get paid.
  2. To get paid he needs to bring in the herd.
  3. To bring in the herd he needs to search the ranch for lost cattle.
  4. To search the ranch for lost cattle he needs to ride his horse.
  5. To ride his horse he needs to bend his knees.


Do you see how imperative bending the knees is to getting paid?

It’s the same for you.


In the Saddle

When you allow your knees to perform as they were meant to, a whole slew of positive reactions happen. It’s the domino effect.

The very next reaction is the affect it has on your hips.

The hips relax, align, and load.

When the hips relax, it relieves tension from your back and abdomen. As it relieves tension, the pelvis finds alignment both from side to side and front to back. When the hips find their “sweet spot” they become powerful and wait for the opportunity to spring into action.

You might be thinking that this kind of information is for somebody with a more active lifestyle. Maybe somebody who is on their feet all day or who works outside.

Yes, this information is for them, but it’s also for those of us who log 60 hours a week in front of the computer.

Your lower body consciousness can be of service to you no matter what you do or where you go, because at the end of the day, you’re looking for dominance. Dominance over your body, space, agenda, and behavior.


In Conclusion

Everybody wants to command their situation, but nobody knows where to start.

Start with exercising your lower body consciousness by keeping your knees slightly bent and allowing your hips to relax.

Be the Cowboy of your life. Ride that horse.


Like always, if you have any questions about this or any other article, please ask by leaving a comment below. Also, we would love to start a conversation here. Tell us…what kind of relationship do you have with your lower body?


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  1. Great article, thanks! I needed this.
    Want to Share with others, but:

    Just need to fix typo (herd instead of heard)

    The Cowboy wants to get paid.
    To get paid he needs to bring in the heard.
    To bring in the heard he needs to search the ranch for lost cattle.
    To search the ranch for lost cattle he needs to ride his horse.
    To ride his horse he needs to bend his knees.

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