How to Ground Yourself on the Fly

Nov 27, 2014
One step at a time.

One step at a time.


People walk everywhere.

Even if it’s just from the couch to the TV or the kitchen to the car, all those seconds spent walking add up.

How much time do you spend walking each week?

Your time spent walking provides you with a great opportunity to create presentness.

In this article, we will explore a grounding technique that will help you to achieve that feeling of balance, concentration, and physical intelligence that we all strive for.

Why You Want to Learn This

When you learn to incorporate this simple technique into your everyday life, you will build up a reservoir of focused energy.

Think of it as depositing money into your savings account to spend on something you want later.

In addition, to stockpiling top-quality useable energy, it will also help to align your posture.

When you’re posture is aligned, the subtle energies in your body flow more easily. This promotes more efficient use of your muscular networks, immune system, and lung capacity.

And although this might be a bit vain, using this grounding technique will allow you the space to be…sexy. There’s not enough room in this article to elaborate, so you’ll have to conduct this research on your own.


Warm Up

Because you are most likely sitting in your chair while reading this article, we can familiarize ourselves with this technique while sitting.

Begin by wiggling all of your toes.

Next, spread your toes out as far as you can.

Lastly, rotate your feet in a clockwise (then counterclockwise) motion.

Now that you have given physical stimulation to this area, put your attention there. Observe the energy pulsing, vibrating, and/or washing your feet.


The Connection

The next step is to focus that same kind of observation of energy on the bottom of your feet. Specifically where they meet the surface on which they are resting.

Now give your attention to the space in between your feet and what is beneath them.

It feels like your feet are touching the floor, but there is an unimaginable amount of space between.

Just by observing this connection, you are achieving a great feat (get it?) and will know all the rewards of grounding. However, it is encouraged to take this practice to the next level.


The Next Level

While standing, begin by giving the space between your feet and the surface they are on your attention.

While staying with that connection, begin to walk.

This is going to be a little bit different than the exercise of sitting down in your chair. And since you don’t walk like a penguin, you’ll observe that the entirety of your foot is not touching the floor.

Instead, your feet are alternating your body’s weight and each foot is rolling from heel to toe.

As you are walking forward, give your attention to the “space between” for whichever foot (and part of foot) that is touching the floor.

After a few steps, you’ll begin to discover a rhythm.


In Conclusion

This is a simple technique, but the quality of your results will hinge on your observation and concentration.

Once you have witnessed what this can do for you and your situation, you’ll think of walking as Walking.


If you know of any other grounding techniques that have helped you, please share by leaving a comment below. Also, if you have any questions about this technique, please ask by leaving a comment below.




  1. Wendell Ramos says:

    I LOVE walking, it’s the most effective anti-depressant for me.

  2. I forget what they call it,,, Tennis without a racket quordinates both arms equally,,, notice that the steps for position are alternate to the swing.. Basically it’s a mind exercize.. Oh it’s called the Kara
    I knew it would come..

    • Keith, sounds interesting. I couldn’t find anything on Kara, can you provide us with some reading material?

  3. must one be bare footed?

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