Meditation 101 (3/4): How to Prepare Yourself for Meditation

Nov 08, 2013
Everybody has their own ideas about what meditation is. What does it mean to you?

Everybody has their own ideas about what meditation is. What does it mean to you?


This is part 3 of a 4 part series:

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Meditation 101 (2/4): How to Get Comfortable Using Alternative Positions

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Have you found a new favorite position to meditate in? If so, good for you! If not, keep experimenting. Remember, you don’t have to use the same props or position every day. Ask yourself how you’re feeling today and go from there.

Q: Ok, so now what? I found this position I can stay in for a while, but what do I do while I’m here?

A: Meditate.

Q: Well how do I do that?

A: Stop thinking.

Q: Well how do I do that?!


In this article, we’re going to give you some tips on how to achieve and enjoy a meditation of value. We’ll set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down. And when you get there, decide what meditation means to you and how it can serve you.

Oh yeah, and give Total Peace our regards.


Prepare Your Space

If you choose to meditate in your bedroom, prepare the space. Start to think about and observe your environmental space from big to small.

Consider who is in your house. Ask them to not interrupt you for the next 30 minutes. Turn your phone off.

Then look at the room you’re in. Is it clean? Does it stink? Can you hear the construction from down the street? Think about tidying up before you begin your meditation. Think about burning incense or lighting a candle. Think about playing some calm, soothing music while you meditate.

Next, look at the space your body will occupy. Consider which direction you would like to face. Is it towards the wall? Is it towards the window? Do you enjoy visual imagery/support in your meditation? If so, you may want to situate yourself in front of some object that you enjoy (if imagery sounds appealing to you, research mandalas).


Prepare Your Body

You’re only moments away from bliss, but first you have to think about what to do with all this flesh and bones. Did you read the previous two articles in this series? If not, do it. The main idea is to find a meditation position that is comfortable to you. A position that you can spend time in that won’t distract you from your goal.


Prepare Your Mind

Why do you want to meditate? What’s the goal? Seriously, ask yourself right this moment. What’s the answer? Say it out loudyes, right now. How did you feel when you said that out loud?

Whatever your goal for meditation is, give it your attention before you begin your process. When you do this, your meditation becomes empowered with intention. Maybe it’s something like this:

“I am making the choice to meditate, to still my body and mind, so that I may experience natural healing powers.” Or…

“I cleared this space so that I may sit peacefully and quietly and experience the spaciousness of this existence.” Or…

“I am giving my attention to this moment so that I may receive guidance from the higher intelligence that lives in me.”


Direct Your Attention

Once your space, body, and mind are ready for your meditation, so are you. That’s an interesting sentence- it implies that you are separate from your space, mind, and body. Is that true? Let’s test it out.

Look around. Can you observe your space? What about your body? Can you observe the thoughts that you are thinking? Do you know them as thoughts?

Well if you can observe these things, then you are the observer of these things. So when you sit down to meditate, become the observer.


Next time

In our next article, we’ll be talking more about the observer and what role it can play in your meditation.


Leave a comment below and share your thoughts about the observer.



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