Reset Breathing: The Shortcut to Inner Peace

Apr 30, 2014

Welcome to your new life with Reset Breathing


Your boss just called you into his office.

You’re stuck in a traffic jam.

Your daughter is mouthing off to you.

Here’s where the “Fight or Flight” response sets in.


Your Brain: *emergency alarm sounds* “We have a code Red, I repeat, a code Red. You know the drill boys! Amygdala, Hypothalamus, man your battle stations! Pituitary gland, we need that ACTH, stat! Arm the Cortisol and Adrenaline missiles! Execute!”


And then what happens?

Heart rate increases, muscles tighten, digestion slows down or stops, loss of hearing, tunnel vision, shaking, etc.

Your body goes into “caveman” mode and is ready to fight off a Saber-toothed Tiger. That, or very quickly climb to the top of the nearest tee.

All of this doesn’t really help our whole Inner Peace game, does it?

So what can we do about it? How can we find peace in situations that would disturb it?

Reset Breathing.

This technique is the universal screwdriver of meditation-esque routes to relief, focus, and inner peace.

The best thing about this technique is the speed in which you feel the effects.

Wait, no, the best thing about this technique is that it takes seconds to learn.

Wait, no, the best thing about this technique is that it takes seconds to do.

Wait, no, the best thing about this technique is that you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Can’t decide what the best part is. You tell us. Leave a comment below this article and share with us your experience with Reset Breathing.


What Reset Breathing will do for You







It’s going to send your awareness to your breath, allowing its intelligence to flow.

The breath sees what ails you.

Once the air was outside of your body, as you breathe it in, it becomes a part of you. As it becomes a part of you, it touches the resistance inside of you.

In the case of the Fight or Flight response, the breath touches tightened muscles. It touches dilated blood vessels. It touches your tightened gut. It touches your headache.

Let’s take this to another level.

The breath also touches your fears. It touches your frustrations. It touches your doubts. It touches your anger.

Let’s take this to another level.

The breath also touches your connection to source.

You see, all of this resistance will keep you alive when that Saber-toothed Tiger comes back, but it won’t help you in anything else.

So for all of the non Saber-toothed Tiger situations out there, let’s use Reset Breathing.





Reset Breathing

  1. Breathe out. When the last drop of air has left you, pause. Be in this condition, depleted of air in your lungs, until the moment before it becomes uncomfortable. Remember when you use to have “who can hold their breath the longest competitions”? Yeah, like that, but it’s important not to hold your breath so long that you feel discomfort. This is a key part of this technique- finding the moment to breathe in.
  2. Breathe in. This is also a key part of this technique. What kind of inhalation do you take? Answer: The kind that feels good/right/appropriate for THIS breath. Your next breath in will almost certainly be different than the one before and after it. Spend your attention on letting THIS breath be what it wants to be. Let it evolve.
  3. Repeat.


There is power in doing just one cycle of this technique. However, you may want to cycle through it a few times.

If you choose to cycle, the affect will become deeper and longer lasting. It’s like charging the battery to your phone, the longer you leave it plugged in, the longer it will serve you after you disconnect.



You may use this exercise “in the lab” or “in the field”.

In the lab: on your break at work, when you first get in your car, right before you exit your car, when you wake up in the morning, before you go to sleep, before you eat, after you eat, before you watch a movie, after you watch a movie, etc.

In the field: in a traffic jam, while at work, while on the computer, before an important conversation, after an important conversation, when you feel uncomfortable, when you feel sick, when you feel stressed, when you stub your toe, etc.


Now What?

After you use this technique, hit “play” again and continue whatever it is that you were doing.

Only now, whatever you were doing will be different.

The experience of the process will change.

But enough talk; find out all of this for yourself.

…breathe in…and out…



Leave a comment below and share with us your experience and questions using Reset Breathing.




  1. David Zayas-Medina says:

    Good! Thanks!

  2. Katrina says:

    Katrina says:
    This is great…
    By breathing out everything, it feels like you are getting rid of the toxins —
    & with breathing in, you are renewing & bringing in the good…
    Thanx 😀

  3. this technique is know as bahya pranayam in india and is very well known technique. Nothing new about it.

    • LogitheYogi says:

      Happy to hear this is familiar to you. Do you have any “advanced” tips for us? Some other way of looking at this exercise?

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