How To Step Into The Ease, Grace And Flow Of “Effortless Abundance” In The Next 90 Days…Guaranteed!


Dear Friend,

Being able to consciously create what you want on demand is an amazing skill that everyone should master…but what happens when it starts to hold you captive?

…when you feel tied to your “role” as the master puppeteer, juggling control of every element of your life…

The next evolution is…letting go of wanting to control it all and allowing yourself to step into the flow of life.

I know this sounds a little “airy-fairy”, but here’s the thing, when you let go from this position of power, magic happens..

Life conjures up magical experiences and things, far more fun and enjoyable than you could have ever planned for. Plus, you feel far more at peace and ease.

I guarantee that I can make this happen for you – if not, I DEMAND, you ask for your money back, and I’ll gladly refund you every penny.


My Personal Experience


Rishan here.

At age 23 I was pretty good at deliberate, conscious creation (manifestation if you will).

I had an honors degree in Actuarial Science – a tough mathematical and statistical degree, a dream car, a 6 figure paying job, a bunch of beautiful, intelligent women in my life and a great relationship with my parents and sisters.

Life was pretty good all round.

However, there was this nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. I felt I had to “control” everything and “manifest” it just the way I wanted.

Actually, I began finding it harder and harder to push myself to do the simple manifestation exercises, like visualization.

Things got progressively worse, I began to lose interest in my career, hang out with my friends less and I just got a little glum.

Living became a chore, I felt that if I had the ability to create what I wanted in life, then it must be my responsibility to ensure it all worked out just as I wanted it.

Probably worst of all, I felt guilty about my unhappiness because so many people looked up to me and I was supposed to be living the “good life”.

Until one day, on a plane ride to Cape Town, I snapped and decided to just let it all go. I’d had enough, and I was going to hand the reigns over to someone else.

Now, I want to make it clear. I’m not suggesting that you just let go of everything right now and leave it up to “divine intervention”. That may or may not work.

What I’ve discovered from speaking to people who’ve had this similar experience is that going through that stage of being the “puppeteer” is crucial.

Fully understanding and experiencing your ability to manifest what you want, pretty much at will, is a step along the road that you have to take.

So anyway, almost immediately after I’d let go of the reigns, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. A sense of unconditional acceptance and peace began to grow within me.

Now, here’s the really exciting part, life starting throwing all these amazing realizations, experiences and things at me.

I quit my job and embarked on a two year adventure around the world. In fact, it was supposed to be a one month holiday, but cool opportunities kept presenting themselves, and somehow money continued to flow in…so…I just went with it.

In fact, somehow (and honestly I’m not 100% sure), my finances were in a far better position after the two year period of travel.

I’d discovered the art of letting go of wanting to control my experience, settling into it and allowing life to pleasantly surprise me.

Do you see the bigger picture here?

When you’re consciously tied to controlling all the pieces of your life, no matter how good you are at it, you’re only working with a limited subset of possibilities.

Once you’ve mastered the art of letting go from a position of power, greater abundance than you could have ever planned for, flows right into your existence.

The Effortless Abundance Coaching Experience


I’ve put together a coaching program to facilitate your graduation from “empowered conscious creator” to “effortless unconscious creator”.

You get access to:

  • my brand new 180 day training program “Effortless Living”;
  • 20 private coaching emails per month;
  • An interview with one handpicked expert every two weeks, someone who truly lives the art of “effortless abundance”.

Effortless Living is a 180 day training program, designed to gently guide you into effortless abundance.

It does this by presenting you with just the right information and exercises at just the right time.

The training program is presented in video, including both slideshow and demonstration videos, audio and text to engage all senses.


Week 1
Foundations For Peace
& Automatic Creation

You’ll discover…

  • Peace, what is it and why is it crucial to effortless creation;
  • How to reach a state of ease and peace that most people never experience in their entire adult lives – with a simple 30 second drill;
  • You’ll discover and master the most powerful technology on earth to let go of ANY unwanted emotions;
  • The single most important ingredient in any manifestation (and no it’s not desire or belief);
  • One specific morning ritual to install the habit of peace and effortless creation;
  • How to get leverage on yourself to follow through and ingrain your “life changing ritual“.
  • And more!

(by the way, you get access to all that information for $1, but more on that later!)

That’s only week 1!

I could take an eternity to list out exactly what you’ll be discovering and experiencing week by week…but…

to save some time… let’s cut it short and summarize the core of what you’ll master in the next 11 weeks:

  • How to connect the state of peace and ease…to effortless creation…and truly live “Effortless Abundance”.
  • How to continue to live at ease and peace…even when life throws you a curveball – because roadblocks will come…and it’s up to you whether you allow them to throw you off track, or deepen your sense of effortless abundance.

Let’s Do A Little Demo Together


On a scale of 1 to 10, how at ease do you feel right now…Pick whatever, comes to mind.

Good, now ask yourself: “What am I wanting to change in this moment right now?

Allow yourself to really get in touch with that feeling of wanting to change that thing that you’re wanting to change.

Now, allow yourself to let go of wanting to change that thing or situation. Do it as best you can, don’t force or push.

And do it a little bit more, just to be sure.

And once more, just for good luck :)

If you haven’t already, please read the steps above and follow them!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how at ease do you feel now?

Notice the difference.

Do you see how easy, yet effective that was…how much more at ease do you feel in this moment?

FREE 14 Day Trial


Here’s How I’m Making This A Crazy Good Bargain For You…


I know you got to this page because you’re committed to stepping into your personal space of Effortless Abundance…so I’m going to give you a huge discount, along with a bunch of bonus goodies.

The usual monthly subscription for the Effortless Abundance Coaching Program is $67, and that’s just because the private coaching stuff really does take up a ton of time, and I need to compensate myself for that.

But…since you’ve shown your commitment to getting this area of your life sorted, I’m going to reward you by:

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Unfortunately, I’m only human, there are only so many private coaching calls I can do in a month. So this special half off offer is only valid for a limited period of time.

Now, stop…and think about this for a second.

How much would it cost you to go a big seminar or retreat? $1000? $2000?

Then consider the cost of travelling to one of those, maybe a plane ticket or a long drive? How about accommodation? Let’s say that’s another $500 conservatively.

Can you see how much cheaper this option is?

More precisely, taking our 90 day coaching program will cost you $37.19×6 = $223

That’s a $2200 saving!

What’s more, you’re getting guided over a much more reasonable time frame AND you get to do it in the comfort of your own home.

Who really believes that just one weekend retreat can cause the kind of major change we’re offering in this program?

You also get constant personal, 1 on 1, feedback and accountability through the coaching elements.

Next, consider the time taken to get to one of those big seminars…how many hours do you spend getting to the airport, in the air, back and forth? Or even just in your car, driving there and back?

That time has a real world monetary value. Even if you work at MacDonald’s your time is worth $15 an hour. If it takes you 8 hours to commute to one of those seminars, that’s at least an additional cost of $120.

Finally, how much is it worth to you, to get rid of the constant feeling of having to “do” something to get the results you want?

…to get rid of that feeling of being tied to having to “do” something to make it all work just right.

Plus, Backed By A 100% Guarantee!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get the program immediately. Go through just 10 minutes of the first days training.

If you don’t feel like you’ve already gotten double your money’s worth, then contact me right away and I’ll return every penny of your purchase quietly and promptly.

Better still – Take a full 14 days to listen to, absorb and put into action everything you discover from Effortless Living program, coaching emails and private coaching call.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just contact me and I’ll still give you back every penny of your investment today.

You only stand to gain when you act immediately and try this personalized training program for FREE for the first 14 days, and $37.19 every 30 days for the next 6 months..


Yes Rishan, I’m In!


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