Manifest with the Lunar Eclipse: How to use Light to Block and Attract

  Alright everyone, time to get your Manifestation on. Tonight is a very special night for us Western Hemisphere-ians. Sorry Eastern Hemisphere-ians, your time will come (don’t worry, this article has something for you too). Tonight you have the opportunity to experience a total lunar eclipse *huge applause*. Not only will it treat your eyes with hypnotic shades of red, but it will also teach you a thing or two about blocking and reflecting. Lunar eclipse 101: Our sun gives light. The … [Read more...]

Your Karmic Word: Create and Receive Value through Alignment

The Universe holds you accountable for what you say. When you do what you say, the universe presents you with more opportunities. Universe: “Say, check out Mr. Bob down there. Now that’s someone who follows through with what he says. What was that thing he kept asking for- money to fund his business idea? Shoot, I know if I spend my Universal energy on moving that money towards him, he’ll put it into action. Ok, it’s decided! Send Mr. Bob a winning lottery ticket…and make sure he finds it on the curb … [Read more...]