2 Modes of Exhalation to Immediately Cleanse Your Noxious Mood

  How do you manage the “left overs” of your daily frustrations and confrontations? If you’re like most people, you don’t. Instead, you “suck it up”, tense the muscles, smile, and carry on. We’ve all become quite good at this, some of us are even experts. For those of us who don’t immediately address the power of our thoughts and emotions during the day-to-day, suffer real physical consequences. You’ve seen these consequences. You recognize them in yourself. The face has morphed … [Read more...]

Get Instant Emotional Release Now with This New 2nd Chakra Technique

  The puppet doesn’t know it’s a puppet. It looks through its wooden eyes, out into the world and wonders. It wonders of life beyond its little stage. It wonders why people react the way they do to its performance. It wonders why it was given this stiff, clunky body. The puppet thinks it has control over its actions. It thinks it wrote the song it sings. It thinks it chose its cute dance. This puppet does not have Vision. If it did, it would be able to see the semi-transparent … [Read more...]

How to Grow and Balance Your Lopsided Life

  Have you ever seen one of those lopsided bodybuilders? Sure you have. It’s that guy you see from time to time with the disproportionate muscular groups. Remember? Huge biceps with tiny legs? Or have you ever seen one of those lopsided intellectuals? Sure you have. It’s that lady you see from time to time with the disproportionate social skills. Remember? Huge capacity for problem solving with a negative attitude? There are other examples of lopsided humans. What’s more … [Read more...]

Occupy Your Consciousness with the Full Body Meditation

    Your only real possession- the body. And someday you have to give it back. Until that day, why not get as many miles out of it as you can? After all, it is the vehicle in which you experience this world. Why not give her a tune up and clean all the dead bugs off the windshield? Not liking the car analogy? How about this… No matter what you do, you have to take your body with you. If it’s a suitcase, put wheels on the bottom for easy transport. So whether you’re … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Flooding Your Chakras with Color

  I don’t get it. Why would I want to “flood my chakras with color”? Great question. When you flood your chakras with color, you increase your chakra healing, balance, and strength. Experiencing the colors of your chakras awakens all the different flavors of energy that you build, store, and use. It also stimulates the parts of your brain where those chakra energies report to. The overall effect is like eating a healthy, appropriately portioned meal with a kick of citrus and an espresso for … [Read more...]