How To Excite Your Portable Energy System (Part 3)

  You’re almost there. You almost have the knowledge you need to command your portable energy system. But before we continue, ask yourself… Does my portable energy system actually need “commanding”? I mean…weren’t you doing “pretty okay” without this knowledge of Prana, Nadis, and Chakras? What can this knowledge actually do for you? This knowledge brings you to Balance. When Balance is realized, an ancient and true energy awakens. This energy serves us in connecting to our … [Read more...]

Life Energy Currents: Meditation and Exercise Guide

  There’s more going on in your body than you’ll ever understand. You probably have a good handle on most of it though. You already know that you convert food into energy and spend it on cartwheels and doing the “what if” thinking game. But guess what? Your body is more intricate than that. Look at your wrist watch. You know how to put the watch on and you know how to tell the time. You understand that there are cogs and other gizmos operating together. Do you need to understand … [Read more...]