6 Traps that Ensnare Your Power of Presence (Part 2)

  In this article, we’re giving you the next set of most common life energy traps that we humans experience in our day-to-day. Did you familiarize yourself with the first set? If not, you’ll definitely want to do that before you continue with this article. Visit Part 1 and get comfortable with these ideas and practices before moving forward. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s look at 3 more traps that ensnare your power of Presence. Remember, there are traps everywhere that rob us of our … [Read more...]

A Mindful Life: Budget Your Drama

  Say no the drama so you may know peace. What’s the drama? Just about everything. It’s difficult to say “no” to just about everything. In this article, we’ll reveal why it’s difficult to say “no” and also how it’s almost impossible to say “no” all of the time. With awareness, you may consciously choose a peace to drama ratio for your life.   Peace Peace is great. It’s where we go to heal. When we say yes to peace, we allow things to happen as they should. That means … [Read more...]