A Guide to Capitalize on Your Uniqueness

  Don’t cheat the world of your uniqueness. It wrecks the whole master plan. What is the master plan? Answer: For all of Earth’s participants to support and encourage our human evolution. Here’s where you come in.   Your Special Move Everyone is special and unique…which kind of makes nobody special or unique. It’s a paradox. However, it is certain that there is one action that will divide all groups of people. To discover which side you are on, ask yourself this… “Am … [Read more...]

Self-Affirmations: The Exercise that Changes Everything

  Say it. Know it. Become it. What is it? Well, it’s whatever you want it to be.   The Potential You can affirm whatever you like. It’s like going shopping. Do you want to remind yourself of how intelligent you are? Do you want an increase in confidence? Do you want to invent some new part of yourself- a creative side perhaps? Whatever you want, you’re so close to getting it.   The Message The source of power in self-affirmations is your intention. Intention, … [Read more...]

Powerful Posture: Your Posture Tells What You Believe

  Horray! You won the 400 meter dash and when you cross the finish line you lie on the floor and curl up into the fetal position, right? If so, you’d be one of the first. What happens instead? You throw your arms up into the air, puff up your chest, and look to the sky. Quite the sight to behold. Why do we do this this? It’s in our evolution. In the animal kingdom, citizens are very much aware of how their posture influences how others interpret their presence. Think of a fancy … [Read more...]