3 Powerful and Proven Steps to Outwit Your Scary To-Do List (Part 3)

  “Do I want my wins to come easily?” Most people never think about the quality in which they want their success to arrive. For most, “success” is enough. However, as your “success” develops, you begin to notice the trade-offs. You sacrifice your time and energy, and also forgo other important personal and professional opportunities. In the end, you have what you want, but at what cost? It’s a slippery slope that most don’t notice until they are far along in their development. They look … [Read more...]

3 Powerful and Proven Steps to Outwit Your Scary To-Do List

  You have a to-do list, but the tasks aren’t getting done. Or maybe they are, but your list seems to be growing rather than shrinking or maintaining a steady flow. What’s happening here? The “to-do list” can be our Savior or Executioner, which one depends entirely on you. If you’re in a state where you feel like your to-do list is: Becoming a burden Making life feel more laborsome Keeping you from enjoying your work and progress Causing you to avoid the work you need to … [Read more...]

How to Spend and Save Your Chakra Dollars

  You’ve already made your choices. You ate _____. You slept _____. You feel _____. How are you currently feeling? Ideal? Less than ideal? Is there anything you can do to maximize the amount of energy you currently have?   Maximizing Your Limited Amount of Energy In your body, lay seven chakra centers. These seven centers are responsible for creating, balancing, and housing the different flavors of energy that make you operational in this world…and the next. How you … [Read more...]