6 Traps that Ensnare Your Power of Presence (Part 2)

  In this article, we’re giving you the next set of most common life energy traps that we humans experience in our day-to-day. Did you familiarize yourself with the first set? If not, you’ll definitely want to do that before you continue with this article. Visit Part 1 and get comfortable with these ideas and practices before moving forward. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s look at 3 more traps that ensnare your power of Presence. Remember, there are traps everywhere that rob us of our … [Read more...]

How to Master Focus in Minutes and Conquer Your Fear of Failure

  We all know what it feels like to live in fear. It’s not a new feeling, is it? As a child, we stayed up at night worrying about tomorrow’s t-ball game, or the first day of school. We imagined every possible scenario of what could go wrong. The momentum behind this dangerous kind of thinking was born out of experience. We feared the unknown because we already had a taste of “failure”. We knew if felt bad. We knew we wanted to avoid it. Fast-forward to today… It’s not much … [Read more...]

How to Triangulate Your Emotional Baggage

  We all have it. It’s one of the few things that binds us humans together. The funny thing is… None of us want it. And why not? Because emotional baggage feels bad. Duh, right? And why does it feel bad? Because deep down we know that we are not realizing our true potential, that there is something attached to us that’s keeping us from truly knowing ourselves. What could be more painful than that? Can we agree that your emotional baggage isn’t helping you or anyone you … [Read more...]

Reset Breathing: The Shortcut to Inner Peace

  Your boss just called you into his office. You’re stuck in a traffic jam. Your daughter is mouthing off to you. Here’s where the “Fight or Flight” response sets in.   Your Brain: *emergency alarm sounds* “We have a code Red, I repeat, a code Red. You know the drill boys! Amygdala, Hypothalamus, man your battle stations! Pituitary gland, we need that ACTH, stat! Arm the Cortisol and Adrenaline missiles! Execute!”   And then what happens? Heart rate increases, muscles … [Read more...]